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  1. I have an electrical problem. I purchased in 2013, a 2014 Thor Tuscany XTE, and since purchased, I had to replace the EMS board four (4) times. My rear A/C after a specific time, just telling me on the control panel, rear A/C off. The blower still works, but the compressor is not turning on again. It is frustrating, as it is a recurring problem. What can be done to fix it? Or what could be the reason for have to happen that so many times? ANY help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. I own a Thor Motor coach, Tuscany XTE, since the purchase in 2014, I have now 4 EMS boards replaced. My rear A/C turns the compressor of, and it is a frustrating problem. Does anybody having the same RV experienced that problem? If you had, please let me know what was been done to fix it. Thanks
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