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  1. I just purchased it and had problems with backup in the shower. After trying to put a snake in and using a back flush attachment the thing still showed 3/4 full.I closed the small valve and opened the large valve and the shower went down and the gauge for gray went to e. I opened the small valve and hooked the water hose to the black flush and water came shooting out.Dealer said it is Thor problem.
  2. Mine acted the same way.I found the valves were put together. My gray tank is the large valve.
  3. We just purchased a 2014 Thor Challenger and I just found out after days of work that the drain valves are backwards. The large valve is the gray tank. I e-mailed Thor and was told the warranty is up. Is this the same Thor that I herd has great costumer service.Has anyone had this drain problem.
  4. Hi everyone, We have a 2006 Fleetwood Excursion 39v and love it. We have 2 cracks in the shower walls that seem to be PVC plastic. I contacted Fleetwood and they called the manufacture of the shower that said they do not make any more. Any ideas of how to repair or what to use.
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