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  1. I am currently experiencing the slow down since for the first time I have exceeded the 25G and it is making it very difficult to do anything, I cannot open Gmail and my wife cannot play some of her games or get onto facebook. My son visited us for Thanksgiving and he downloaded some games on his computer which ate all of our data. He was not aware we would be throttled down after 25G. Not liking this at all and I have another 2 weeks to deal with is before we start over, why isn't unlimited just what it says unlimited, this is really upsetting and has me rethinking my provider choice.
  2. Mypopslou

    How to save on Tolls?

    I just found out that Central Florida Expressway now accepts EZ Pass but not all toll roads in central Florida are part of CFE, for example coming home from Orlando International Airport, there are 3 tolls, 2 accept EX Pass but the third one does not. Crazy...Hopefully soon, EZ Pass will be accepted at all toll roads in Florida, very confusing system but maybe that why some of the Florida residents call this state FloriDA
  3. As a follow up, one of the questions they asked me was "is the break smaller than a dollar bill ?" and mine was, so it could be repaired
  4. I recently had a rock hit my windshield and created a star crack. I went on line to my insurance company and answer a few questions about the break and they told me it could be repaired and they would waive my deductible. They sent out a repair truck to the campground and it was repaired on the spot, no cost to me. I would strongly suggest you make the call or do it via internet, you have nothing to lose
  5. I have used a mirror and flashlight to see the water level in each cell and use a turkey baster to fill each cell, it worked well. Now I bought the battery watering system which is much easier.
  6. Mypopslou

    Refueling At Pilot/FlyingJ

    When I pull into the truck lanes, I click on the 'tractor' button and then I enter my code and it work fine for a complete fill up. Most time I have to go inside for a receipt. I also cannot figure out how to get DEF without going inside. Works great but I make sure when I finished fueling and have to go inside that I pull forward so I am not blocking the next customer
  7. Mypopslou

    I-70 from Missouri to I-15 in Nevada

    There are some steep grades up and down once you get west of Denver but some beautiful scenery through Vail and then as you go through Glenwood Canyon. Once you get past Glenwood Springs I don't remember there being anything scary. The road from Denver all the way to I-15 is all 4 lane highway and easy to drive this time of year as long as you take your time. Coming out of the Eisenhower tunnel is a steep grade down for several miles but as long as you keep your speed under control it should not be an issue. There is a 100 mile stretch in Utah that I remember there are no fuel stations so make sure you have enough Enjoy
  8. I have a 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee and had my tow bar set up by a Mechanic at the dealership where I bought the Jeep. He install a separate power line from battery for my Brake Buddy. He told me that all power in my Jeep is completely off when I tow it so I have not had any issues with any type of wobble, to quote him he told me I am towing a brick, it is completely shut off. I have a push button start and my only concern was after a long day towing when i disconnect my brake buddy the brake pedal is hard to push down, which you need to do to start the Jeep.
  9. Mypopslou

    Induction stove useless :-(

    I also have induction heat cook top and it will not work with the dryer running but otherwise it is fine. Make sure you are using induction heat pots and pans, use a magnet to determine if they will work. If they are magnetic you are good to go. Mine works on 30 or 50 amp and we really like the system, it also works on my invertor.
  10. Mypopslou

    CG recommendments in the Denver area

    There is Cherry Creek Campground at the reservoir, just off of 225. it is a nice campground the only issue is if you have a toad they charge you each day when you return to your campground. We would leave and not come back until after 5 when they close the entry shack, but you can still get in. Their is another campground off of 225 and Colfax which I think is a KOA. There is another one in Monument Hill which is about 40 minutes south. They are the only ones I am familiar with except the 2 that are east of Denver off of 70 but I have not stayed at those
  11. Mypopslou

    2013 Thor Challenger Dometic Frig

    I have a residential refrigerator and had a similar problem recently but my issue was I found a couple of chunks of ice that did not fall completely into the holding tray and were preventing the mechanism from operating. Once I remove the ice, it has worked fine since. In the past I have experienced ice makers not working because of low water pressure and one time I even had the back of the ice maker freeze. I used a hair dryer to defrost the ice and it worked fine after that. Hope you find a solution to your issue
  12. I have a 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited and have not had any issues with the wobble so far but will certainly be aware of the potential. I thank you for making me aware of this. Hope it doesn't happen but if it does I will know what it is and what to do.
  13. Mypopslou

    Tire Pressure

    Herman, the gauge that I bought from my daughters boyfriend is made by Matco Tools, DT4B 3.5 digital Tire Inflator with hose, and I was wrong it is accurate to 0.1PSI, which is what it says on the box, however inside the box I have a Accuracy Certificate which says at Air Pressure 0-58 accuracy is +/- 1.2 psi and Air Pressure 59-174 psi accuracy is +/- 2.0. He used this at his shop and after struggling with cheap gauges and compressors I decided it was worth the money to get something that filled my tires quickly and accurately. I am totally pleased with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone
  14. Mypopslou

    Tire Pressure

    Brett, good suggestion and that is my plan. My daughters boyfriend is a mechanic and I bought a gauge from him that I attached to my air compression and clips onto valve stem to fill tires and it is guaranteed to be accurate within .002 of a pound. I will use it before we head back so I don't have to worry the entire time back
  15. Mypopslou

    Tire Pressure

    Thanks to everyone for your help and suggestions, we arrived in Florida with the TPMS showing pressure as high as 135 but coach ran fine and we had no issues. I have decided that I do not believe my TPMS anymore and will only use it for alarms for fast loss of pressure or overheating. It has never had readings like this before so maybe the cold winter we had in Pa damaged it in some way. We are here and it is nice, thanks again for your help and suggestions...time or a strong cold beverage