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  1. Mypopslou

    Odd Tire Wear

    Brett, Tireman is recommending I inflate to 120 which is the max based on the weights and his calculating a 53% 47% weight distribution on front axle weight of 13,820. Thank you for reassurance when the tires reach operating temperature, I always worry when I see the inflation pressure exceed 120 and if it increases by 10% to 15% I could see readings of 132 to 138, do you think that is still OK?
  2. Mypopslou

    Odd Tire Wear

    TIreman, thank you for this information, so do you think the unusual tire wear on my left front is caused by under-inflation? The ride is already really hard and as the tires heat up they read 122, if I inflate to maximum will the amount they increase when hot become an issue since the wheel max is 120 as well as tire max.
  3. Mypopslou

    Odd Tire Wear

    Tireman, I was mistaken, my Jeep does weigh ose to 5400 so rear weighed at 21880, I had a wrangler which weighed 3789, Grand Cherokee weighs closer to 5400
  4. Mypopslou

    Odd Tire Wear

    TIreman, also when I had my rig weighed my Jeep was attached so the front was 13820, rear was 21880 and it read my Jeep at 5400. My Jeep only weighs 3789 so I added the difference to the rear axle. Not sure that is correct but could not find a 4 corner scale. Please let me know your thoughts
  5. Mypopslou

    Odd Tire Wear

    Tireman, I do not have a 4 corner weight but I do have axle weight, front axle is 13,820 and rear axle is 23491 GVWR is 38,600. Cold pressure is at 105, although as they heat up my TPMS reads 122 Thanks for your help
  6. Mypopslou

    Odd Tire Wear

    Tireman, point of clarification, would I accomplish the same thing by just swapping front tire sides, left to right and visa versa. Also if I did the 6 tire rotation, what is the recommended movement, front change sides and go to inside dual, insides go to outside and outside goes to front? Appreciate your advice
  7. Mypopslou

    Odd Tire Wear

    Sorry, I have not made an appointment to have alignment checked yet but will let you know when I do. If I understand the information provided, I should not have the tires rotated, only my front tires taken off the rim and reversed. I am guessing if I do it for one side I should do it on the other. The right front tire is showing a little bit of outside wear but nothing unusual like the drivers side tire. Am I correct in my understanding that I should NOT do a full 6 tire rotation, only front off rim and reversed? Thank you for all of your comments and help
  8. Also keep in mind that the Verizon plan is not really unlimited. After 25G it is throttled back and barely usable. If you plan on downloaded movies you will burn through 25G really fast and have to wait until the end of your cycle to be able to use it again. My plan reboots on the 16th of every month and as of today we have used over 15G so not sure we will make it. We never download movies and use this data by only visiting sites on internet and some small games which do not take a lot of data. Can never understand how we use so much but we do.
  9. Mypopslou

    Odd Tire Wear

    J, thats odd as I noticed the wear on my tires when I was in PA, maybe it all their fine roads causing issues.....NOT All tires are original equipment and are same size and age. I will continue with my plan to making an appointment with Cummins and have the alignment checked and tires rotated Thanks for your help and suggestions
  10. Mypopslou

    Odd Tire Wear

    Tires are the original tires and are only 3 years old, I do have independent front suspension so hopefully an alignment will correct the issue. I have never had tires on any motorhome I have owned rotated. Is this a front to back same side or do the fronts change sides and go the back inner?
  11. Mypopslou

    Odd Tire Wear

    Recently returned from a 6700 trip this past summer. Noticed some odd tire wear on the drivers side front tire. See pictures attached. Tires are Michelin XZA2 295/80R-22.5 Have 22,000 miles on them, keep them inflated to 105 lbs cold based on Michelin Tire/Weight Chart, added 10lbs fudge factor. TPMS shows the pressure increase to max 122 lbs when they heat up, max heat has been 110 degrees, when in traffic, lowers as I get back to cruise speed. Does it look like a may have an alignment issue or a defective tire (separation issue). Curb side front tire is showing a little outside wear but nothing like the left. It looks like it is wearing another outside groove in the tread. Planning on a trip to Cummins for an alignment check and tire rotation which I am hoping is the issue Take a look at the pictures and let me know if you think there is another issue that would cause this. Thanks for your help
  12. In my coach in addition to the switch by the door, each light in the compartments also has an on/off switch on the individual light, it may be that they are all turned off in the compartments
  13. Manholt, I have a button to turn inverter and charger on but when i hit battery disconnect they go off automatically, and yes it is an all electric coach and batteries have been replaced once already and are less than 2 years old
  14. Had not driven Motorhome for 2 weeks and when parked turned coach battery off but did not plug in. Went into coach yesterday and turned coach battery on and received the above message on my panel, fault light was on and it was reading Dead Battery Charge with it showing 3.2 volts. After being plugged in for several hours it read 3.5 volts but would not charge any higher and everything in coach was inoperable. I figured it must be like a golf cart if the batteries go too low they need a jump to get the charger going. None of the normal systems that come on when you plug into 50 amp came on. I connected my trickle charger for my car to the positive on battery number 1 and negative on battery number 4. Almost immediately everything came on as it should have when I plugged in initially. System ran for about 12 hours to completely charge batteries and then shut off and all is good. I am concerned that the batteries depleted that much in two weeks with the batteries shut off and that it took a jump to get going again. Is this normal? Appreciate your thoughts
  15. I think Gladys Knight should have been MVP for her performance of the National Anthem and for her stance when she questioned her on why she agreed to perform
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