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  1. Rich, I replied to your PM, but its easier if you just email me at peterkukla928@gmail.com. Hi Manholt, I presume you where in the Oil business in Scotland, we'll be working initially just outside Inverness, but if we go to Peterhead we'll try to get you some photo's, anywhere special ?? BR Peter
  2. England Calling Its been a few months since my last topic, I hope everybody is keeping Safe during these difficult times. We've just had our annual Test on the Van, I think you guys call it Annual Inspection, and we had a Brake Pipe Failure during the Dyno Brake Test. They managed to repair the brake line, but considering the Old Lady is now 30yrs old, I think its time to replace all the Brake lines & while we're in there we're going to replace both Diesel Feed & Return Lines & electric fuel assist pumps at the tank. HOW & WHERE re can source the right parts. So to begin with what is the beast; 1990 28ft Gulstream model Sun Stream, on a Oshkosh Chassis (Vin # 4CDB4XE28L2101312) fitted with a Cummins 6BT (just fully rebuilt) 79,000 miles on the clock. Its fitted with all 4 wheel Hydraulic Brake Disks. I've been trying to identify the OE Brake Parts system supplier but no luck yet (so that's question number 1). Question number two would anybody know what Thread type is used on these Brake components, I wondered if they could be UNF. ??? Or are they a special Thread type for brake components ??? Question three, Would anybody know a Brake Parts specialist where we can source the correct Brake Tubing and related components, ie T junctions etc we want the job to be dead right, here in UK I can only source metric brake fittings & parts, so we want to source the exact right parts. So any assistancd would be most helpful. So far through a greaat connection with Frieghtliner via the Club I have managed to purchase NEW Brake Flex Hoses for all four corners, but now we're going to need the Unions, T joints, Brake Line and an imperial tube size Former for forming the tube at the ends. Some of you guys maybe thinking why bother to do all this work on a 1990 vintage Van. Well, here in the UK American Motorhomes, never Die, they just keep getting repaired and updated. Our case is a little different, we own a Small Research Company and we've recently won a contract with a Utility company in Scotland and we going to be working in some of the most remote areas in Scotland, so let me know IF you'd welcome some photos and we'll see what we can do for the club. Over the past 5yrs, you guys have been so much help Big Hug to all and StAY SAFE Peter & Rayne
  3. I can assure you I'm well aware of the amount of work, but we have our own engineering workshop & equipment otherwise I totally agree it's simply not cost effective. But here in England its almost impossible to puchase a Wrecked US Motorhome, people just keep them going forever. Our Gulf Stream is just over 28ft and accepted at every Campsite we have been to over the past 4yrs, its a 1990 so coming up for 30yrs and needs freshening up and if possible upgrade the Brakes. The plan is a Staged rebuild as you mention Desertdeals. But our first challenge is to get the engine & Transmission out and on the floor, the Chassis to two chanels, is it reasonable to assume the engine slide out along the rails ????? All suggestions are most welcome Br Peter
  4. Hi Hope everybody is keeping well. Would anybody have instruction details for remving a Cummins 6BT 5.9ltr engine from a 1990 Oskosh Chassis (front engine, Puller) configuation. Question 2. Our vehicle is currently fitted with a Allison FREE wheel overun Transmision, in an ideal world which model Allison Transmission would be the ideal upgrade and possibly where can can we locate one. Question 3. Want to upgrade the Disc Brake system, and viable suggstions Best regards as always Peter & Rayne
  5. Hi Guys I'll start digginf but I think Rich has hit it on the head as ours only Free wheels on over run. The good news is we've not spent any money yet, I take Wolfe's point it'll need heavier exhaust springs. I was hoping there was some addition valve block we could fit to convert the Trans into a locking type, so either I've got to find another Transmission or Torque converter. So that raises a key question is the actual Transmission dissengaging on overrun or is the actual the Toque converter dissengaging. ????? Cummins here in the Uk are not that helpful, so would anyone have any contact addresses in the US where I can track down some sense. As you guys were so helpful on the Front axle King Pin issues I owe you an update, the actual King Pins are great the problem is down the Shimm kit, there's too much play on the vertical plain on the Driver's side, it does not fail on the annual test but its something that needs to be sorted out, got absolutle no respeonse fron the Front Axle Manufacturerbut a friendly Truck repair shop help us nail the problem so shimms should be available when I know the Kng Pin diameter. Best regards to all Peter & Rayne
  6. England Calling. 1990 Gulfstream 28ft on a Oshkosh Chassis, Cummins BT6 and Allison Transmission. Hi everybody, hope you guys are keeping well. Has anybody had any experience in installing a Exhaust Brake on a 1990 Allison Transmission, the free wheel overun type (sorry but I can't manage to read the model number on the Tranmission ID plate). We have uprated the engine output power a little (from 150hp to about 210hp) Brake system ( Discs all round)is working well but I'd be alot happier if we could install an Exhaust Brake. Look forward to your comments and suggestions Best regards Peter & Rayne
  7. You Guys are fantastic A most sincere thank you to everybody for all your help and assistance. I'll keep you all advised on our progress. Thank you all again and again, when you are this far away from the United States FMCA and its dedicated membership makes all the difference to every one of us. Love to you all Peter & Rayne
  8. Well, finally a bit of progress and thank you all for your comments (especially Chicken Soup to a Dead person). Wolfe 10, I followed your comment and began digging through nearly 30yrs of Road Grime and FOUND the axle plate, exactly in the middle of the axle. So hopefully the following information will help us. 1990 Oshkosh Front Axle Information of the Axle Plate Manufacturer: Rockwell International Model: 2FC 901 CHX 11 Customer Number: RE 41206 Serial Number: NCA 90307306 Date: 90092 Look forward to your comments and suggestions where to next Peter & Rayne
  9. Hi Wolfe 10 Many thanks for the link, but I'm getting an error it won't open. Best regards Peter & Rayne
  10. DickandLois I get your point completely, IF we don't make the effort what chance does the next generation have !!! Have looked a both links you provided. The Meritor axle is a Brake Drum assembly whereas our chassis has 4 Wheel Disk Brakes. As I've mentioned in previous comments I have the highest respect for Oshkosh product and yes I'll try my best to contribute meaningful information where I can. What I can state clearly is when we took off the old Tired road springs last winter, the Pins & Bushings where like new, absolutely no wear absolutely none. I'll keep trying to locate the front axle identification number Best regards Peter & Rayne
  11. Carl A little Background for you guys. I lived in Arizona from 93 to 97, we loved it. We purchased our 28ft Gulf Stream on a 1990 Oshkosh Chassis in 2015 from a Farmer in Wales UK. It had been parked on a Beach in Portugal for about 5yrs. So....... All four Brake Calipers siezed, all Chassis outriggers rotten. The FMCA Club has been a God send for us because nobody in the UK even knows what a Oshkosh chassis is, luckily I know and respect the history of these guys in the early 70's I worked in the Middle East a lot and frankly without Oshkosh Truck's we could never have worked in the Desert's they way we did. Simply amazing Truck's and when fitted with Ballon tyres would go anywhere, I saw one flip once on a very high Sand ridge, rolled 360 and landed baack on its wheels, we checked the Air filter and oil level and then fired it up and kept going. FMCA helped locate a contact within Frieghtliner for Oshkosh parts BUT recently its gone dry, does anybody have any other reliable Oshkosh parts contacts please. So, its fair to say I'm a big fan of Oshkosh Trucks, we've fitted a LPG / Diesel Gas conversion (we have a Cummins BT6) I sourced from the US and we're getting a reliable 20 miles per gallon towing a Suzuki Jeep drive Car. So to answer your direct question, we now live in England (Near Manchester), our Gulf Stream 28ft Motorhome lives with us here in the UK, and yes we'd love to visit the US again, I just love the people and the Country but its not practical to ship our Van to the US but possibly one day we'll try to rent one in the US and get on the road. Can we again, say a very big thank you to you all for your interest and assistance in helping us source parts from the US. All our thanks Peter & Rayne
  12. Hi Wolfie We replaced the Front Road Springs last winter (we needed our Cornflakes for that job) and I did not see a Axle plate attached, would you know where it is usually placed on the Axle. The Guys at Freight liner told me our chassis has a DANA 60 back axle is it possible we have a DANA front axle. ????? Another humble question, does anybody have some detailed instructions on how replace the Front a rear Braake Rotors on a Medium Oshkosh chassis. Best regards Peter
  13. Rich, Thanks for your email. I can confirm our Vin # is 4CB4XE28L2101312. Many thanks for your comments, looks like we have finally sourced a Driveline company here in the UK for the replacement Propshaft Centre support bushing. But still hunting to locate a supplier for a New Kinpin Kit with a Shim kit. If anybody has any suggestions we'd be most grateful for a lead. My direct Email address is peterkukla928@gmail.com Best regards to all Peter & Rayne
  14. Hi Rich Many thanks again for your help on this. Firstly please forgive my wording. (Two Countries separated by the same language I think I've heard it said before!!). But after 4yrs in Arizona I should know better. OK, firstly our vehicle is front engine/rear wheel drive (chassis number: 4CB4XE28L2101312). Front engine Mount, Trans and Rear Axle (A Puller) we have a Cummins 6BT fitted to a Allison Transmission fitted to Dana rear axle I think The Propshaft I'm referring to is the Shaft connecting the Transmission to the Real Axle, its in two half's and between them is a Two bolt Chassis mounted support bushing its this support bushing we're trying to source as our is beginning to show signs of excessive movement. Not sure how I can alter my original posting but I sincerely hope this explains more understandable details and I'm sorry for the confusion. The other items we're trying to source is a Front Axle King Pin set with Shims Very best regards to all Peterk based in England
  15. Hi Can anybody kindly assist, Freightliner tell me the centre Propshaft support bearing / bushing is no longer available, but they heard a fleet client with the same chassis managed to locate the from NAPA. When I was living in Arizona I remember how helpful NAPA could be but now back in the UK I'm not having any luck. My question is simply has anybody within the club had a similar problem or possibly know where we can source a new one. Also, Truck County Frieghtliner ( I think they're in SC) don't appear to answer our emails any longer, have the stopped supplying Oshkosh parts. ??? Does anybody have any suggestions for a new source please. Next year we're going to need a new front axle King pin set, has anybody had any luck finding a source ????? Very Best Regards to all From Peter & Rayne
  16. Many thanks everybody, I'm old school like you guys re metric / imperial. BUT I purchased an electronic Caliper, its great press a button and it flicks from Metric to imperial. Best regards Peter & Rayne
  17. Hi Firstly I must apologize to Kay, sorry I did not reply (some work & health issues) yes, I managed to locate the proper Wheel Stud sockets. Secondly, somebody kindly sent me a Workshop manual for the Oshkosh 1990 Chassis,but somehow I've managed to loose the file, can I kindly ask if somebody could email me a copy to (peterkukla928@gmail.com) please, if there's a cost please let me know. Thirdly, would anybody know the Torque settings for the Front Axle to axle spring U bolts, and lastly what is the Toe In measurement for the front axle. ??? An update for those kind helpful hearts within the club, we've done around 7,000 miles in the Gulf Stream since we purchased her. We've rebuilt all the Brake Calipers, and now have good brakes (rather a novelty) and they're getting better. We've installed a dual fuel kit, Diesel / LGP and the power difference is amazing and so far a 10% benefit in Diesel consumption but the added pulling power up hills is remarkable. We have also fitted a Exhaust Gas Temperature probe and that's been a big help in monitoring what's going on. We have a Cummins 6BT (150hp) and fitting this dual fuel system has transformed its pulling power. We've just had the front Road Springs rebuilt as they had flattened out and fitting new Shocks front and rear. Sorry to have to ask for a re copy of the Technical Manual, getting older and a bit more forgetful. Very Best regards to all in the US of A. Peter & Rayne
  18. peterk

    England Calling

    Good Morning Guys Its truly amazing, we go to sleep at this end and wake up with Answers from across the pond, I've ordered via this morning via the link Kay supplied. Many thanks everybody I'll let you know how we get on. Br Peter & Rayne
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    England Calling

    Hi Guys England Calling again for those who kindly answered my last call, we totally changed out the Brake fluid on our 1990 Gulfstream and the result is great. We passed inspection first time, so we're on the Road Again. Can anybody help please, the Inner rear wheels have a Square wheel Nut and I'm trying to find a socket to fit, can anybody advise where we can buy one, it seems almost impossible to find in the UK. Any help guidance would be most welcome or possibly someone has one lying around in thier toolbox. The next step is get all the brake Calipers off and sorted but nothing is happening until we source a inner wheel nut Socket. Best regards to all Peter & Rayne
  20. Morning Guys Well, the people at Freightliner in SC have been incredible, I got the info below in about 10 minutes. Dear Customer, The VIN number you provided is a MC chassis built in 1990. The part number for the master and boost cylinder is GAF RW24255 The part number for the caliper assy in the front is TDA A3263E1019. The part number for the rear brake calipers are DTW 60450395 The only repair kits I have is for the calipers. DTW 60050198. This is for both front and rear. The Freightliner dealer for international parts is Stoops Freightliner in Lima OH. There number is 419-228-4334 Sincerely, Glenn Hoops FCCC Representative [DTNA Call Center Email] [Queue-FCCC_OTHER_EMAIL] [Tracking Number-000330642] fcccservice@daimler.com 12:19 PM (20 hours ago) to me I'm pretty impressed. We'll begin with renewing the Brake fluid. Thanks Herman, a good thought I'll check for numbers on the seals. Also thanks Brett, I don't think there's one fitted, I'm going to ask at Freightliner in case there's a later model Brake Booster (what we call in UK a Servo assist) which can fit. But first steps first we'll replace the fluid. I have to tell you the Chassis is in like new condition, the vehicle only has 56,000 miles on it but the Boys at Gulfstream use a foam to attach the Bumpers to the chassis rail and that was coming apart and unsafe so I've fabricated a new Bumper support frame front and rear. Does anybody know anything about the under floor hot air heating unit, I just need to figure out how to take it out as ours sounds like howling Cat on some unlawful substance !!!! Many thanks to you all, I will contact Todd this week because we would like to become full members of the FMCA if possible, so you never know its possible a couple of Brits may turn up at one of your get togethers. We'd love to rent a Motorhome and travel some of the US but its unbelievably expensive for us Brits, in fact I knew one couple who actually purchased one in the US, traveled for a year and then shipped it home to UK, the Motorhome paid for itself. Best regards Peterk
  21. In case its helpful the Email address is: fcccservice@daimler.com I'll keep you all posted Br Peter
  22. You know Guy NOW I know why I really miss being in the States, THANK YOU everybody I got more info in less than a day than I've been able to find in months. Fantastic, I will begin to digest the info you have all kindly sent through. I will be replacing the Brake Fluid as I have run into this problem before on older vehicles. The problem here in the UK is narrower roads and shorter braking distances, we took it to South Wales on the first trip, and there were a few white knuckle moments. I would like to try and track down more info on the Electric Assist. On this Gulfstream the Floor panel is fixed and about a 1inch clearance above, so I think we're going to modify the floor panel to gain good access to the Mastercylinder. Does anybody know if there are New Seal Kits available for the Master Cylinder and wheel Callipers ????? Happy Motoring to you all and thank you all so much for pitching in. Best regards Peter
  23. Hi can anybody kindly assist We have a 1990 Oshkosh Chassis (puller) with a Cummins BT6 and Alison 4speep auto box with a Gulfstream Body. Chassis Number 4CDB4XE28L2101312 We are trying to understand the Braking system and what brake fluid we need to use. I believe your group has Oshkosh specialists, can you kindly put us in touch. I\'m a competent Engineer and I want to avoid expensive mistakes. The brakes are not brilliant and there does not appear to be a Brake Booster. I have found a small vacuum pump under the hood but it looks too small for any Brake boost. Can we thank Todd Moning for his kind assistance. By the way I lived in AZ for 6yrs and loved it. We look forward to your comments and suggestions Best regards Peter
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