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  1. Monte Vista RV resort. We are here for a week and it is very nice. If you have passport america the weekly rate is $235 all in. Look at the website and see if it fits with your lifestyle.

    If you want to be closer to downtown Phoenix, Green Acre rv park on E. main street is a small but ok park.

  2. Wolfe10, as I said, the hose wasn't completely off, but just pressed against the end of the nipple. I talked to Cummins tech support and was told that the boost would not be affected and the chances of getting dirt into the engine from the intake are very very slim. They suggested to take the air hose from the compressor to the air tank off, run the engine and put a clean rug on the hose to see if it blows air with oil. If its not, just forget about this issue and monitor oil consumption over time.

  3. I am not sure how long the hose was off. When I say "off" it was against the nipple, not hanging completely off in the air.

    I had/have boost (about 5psi on level road and going up to the mid-high 20's up hill) and nothing seems to be wrong with performance of either the engine or compressor.

    I did reconnect the hose and tighten the clamp after finding this problem. I changed the oil 2600 miles (May 2015)ago. I guess I can change it again.

  4. Hi All,

    I noticed on my engine today that a hose clamp was loose and the rubber hose was off the nipple. This is the hose that connects between the intake manifold and air compressor. I have attached a picture to show the hose.

    In the Cummins parts list this section as " Cpr Air Inlet Arrangement".

    Can anyone tells me what it does and what are the implications of driving with the top of the hose not fully connected to the intake manifold?



  5. Maybe I didn't explain myself right. I don't have a vacuuflush toilet. I have a regular gravity one. The vacuum I was talking about was the wind creating while driving and sucking air out of the black tank. Since the black tank has NO other vents inside the coach other than the toilet which is closed unless you flush, I can't see how the odor can come into to coach.

  6. Hi, all.

    We have a bad smell sometimes when we drive on bumpy or windy roads. I have the OEM cheap covers on top on the vent pipes and heard that the Cyclone/Siphon vents do work. My questions are:

    1. I have 3 vents on top. Sewer, Shower, and Sink. I can't understand how the toilet would be the source of smell since the valve is closed and covered with water so the vent on the roof will not create a "pull" since a vacuum will be created. Am I right?

    2. I guess the smell could come from the shower or sink drains "pulling" odors from the holding tank?

    Thanks for any replies.

  7. Rich,

    I found the fuse panel under the dash but can't find a burned fuse. I contacted Thor to see if they can give me a diagram since the fuses are marked (i.e. F1, F2 etc).

    here is the Freightliner email:


    Freightliner installs the ac compressor condensor fan, etc. We do not supply the power for this, the Body Builder Four Winds supplys power thru all the dash a/c system. If they have a relay or fuse you would need to contact them for the location. Their number is toll free 877-500-1020."

    I also got a PDF with the wiring diagram for the compressor clutch with the email from them.

    I will PM you.

  8. The fuse box doesn't list any fuse for AC. Freightliner just replied that the coach builder is the one that wired the ac unit. I thought that the fan is connected together with the compressor clutch and should come on when the clutch engages. Since the clutch works I assume that the fuse (or lack of one) is fine.

    I have the Mandalay manual but there are no wiring diagrams in it. If you find something let me know.



  9. Rich,

    Thanks for the help. I emailed Freightliner, so see what comes back. You say there are 3 fuses but I couldn't find any?? The unit works fine when I use a water hose over the condenser to keep the high pressure down and the clutch is working on the compressor. I do get a good 25 degree difference between ambient and duct temp, junt can't get the fan to run while connected to the harness.

  10. Hi All,

    I have a 2009 Mandalay 40 and having a problem with the condenser fan at the back of the motorhome. I didn't have good cooling from the dash AC and traced it to the fan wires at the back (after connecting gauges and verify good charge).

    Someone routed the harness close to the exhaust and melted the wires. I tested the fan by providing 12V direct and it works fine. The harness that provide power to the fan runs towards the front but it is in the middle of the coach with a bunch of other wires so I can't see where it goes.

    I would like to know if anyone knows where the relay (if it activated by one) is, or where to go from here??


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