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  1. I had my 42" Monaco Dynasty regal weighed July 08 in St Paul by RVSEF. He said your tag is way too light drive around and stop and turn up the tag air pressure valve in the rear about 5 lbs. I than reweighed and had 13,100 front 18,300 drives and 5,900 on the tag. 37,300 total on a rig speced at 44,600 GVWR I just went in to Precision frame for new tires and alignment this week and they weighed it and now I have 13,900 front, 16,750 drives and 8,250 on the tag. 38,950 We have 1600 lbs more stuff in the coach but after he set the tire air pressure to match the loads and the tire mfg load spec sheets it handles a lot better with proper air pressures for the actual load carried. I was just taught that air pressure can be both too low or too high, it should actually match the load spec sheet and if you want you can add up to 10 lbs for safety above what is actually on the fact sheets. My country coach had a procedure in the owners manual for adjusting the load on the tags. Good luck I know when we work the seminars in Madison RVSEF will accept signups on Wed for weighing rigs there. Don Updyke
  2. Roberto Himenez is on the La Feria Texas side of the border,about 1 mile north of military Hy 281. That is about 8 miles west of harlingen Tx where 77 goes north from expressway 83. I dont have his phone number I just drive down and have a beer and talk to him. He has done work on three of my coaches over the last 10 years. I did not have issues with the 3m film so it was not discussed I have dark brown full body paint on an 2003 Dynasty regal 3 slide with decals on sides. He talked about top front and top back and the 5 inches or so above the awnings on both sides. If you want his number call Swenson RV in La Feria. He paints all the repairs on all HR and Monaco coaches that they have made nice before they sell them... Swenson Inc 26421 N White Ranch Rd · La Feria · (956) 797-9223 Don
  3. My friend had a similar problem in his 2000 Monaco and he asked the local RV shop who they used and they gave him a local carpet/ upholstery cleaning service. They came and used a steam system and cleaned the entire 40' interior fuzzy nap fabric/carpet material and it was less than $200.00 Don
  4. My 2003 Dynasty 42' has a similar problem, my body shop in Texas on the mexican border tells me that they have to sand the clear off and then repaint the color and then put three coats of clear on and front and some top side is quoted at just under $1000.00 and will take three days. Don
  5. My friend had me help look for him. We found Goodyear G670, Michelin, Firestone, and Toyo. The Michelin were over $2300.00, the Toyo were about $1600.00 for the 255 70 22.5. The others were priced in the middle. He only drives from MN to far south TX one trip a year and will never get 60,000 miles in 6 years so he is going with the over the road truck tires from Toyo. I had G670's put on at the dealer before I would buy this unit 5 years old. My tires have no wear rivering or cupping and if I keep the air at about 100-105 the ride on the Monaco 8 air bag suspension is quite acceptable. I don't put miles on like Brett but have about 77,00 on this 2003 and I would not drive it without the run flat system that I have on the front tires. Don 2003 Monaco Dynasty....
  6. We have had a rampage lift on the 05 country coach air ride no tag and the 03 Dynasty 42 W Tag. Look at the pictures and send me an off line email. Donupdyke@yahoo.com http://picasaweb.google.com/dupdyke/Rampage?feat=email
  7. Richard I glued a small piece of the carpet that I removed to the bottom of the white plastic? on the bottom of the slide to keep from marring the new pergo. I have done 5 motorhomes in the last 10 years she hates mh carpets. This Dynasty has all tile so at least this time I do not have that project. The bigest job was all the staples that had to be pulled from the wood underlayment.... Don 03 dynasty
  8. She did not like the Monaco built in table so I removed it and have an antique double drop leaf table for 6 so we can play mexican train. I have taken the old corian table top and am building a computer desk file cabinet for the front corner of the drivers slide. I can take everything out of the drive slide and clean the only carpet left in the coach. We have put in all tile front to rear thank you aquahot for cool days to keep the tile warm.... Don 42 dynasty heavily modified.
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