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  1. Thanks for your comments. We are in Valle Del Oro in Mesa..east valley. I have some friends who will be able to check out my unit during our time away.
  2. I am looking for suggestions on how to leave my RV in a park site...outside Phoenix AZ. I will be away for December and January...and wanted to know if I can just leave the unit plugged in...disconnect water.. and set my heat pumps to around 55 degrees. It is possible that the temp could go down in the 20's (even teens..but less likely). If I understand correctly, if the temp in the unit goes down more than 4 degrees from the actual set temp, the propane furnace will kick in and bring the unit back up...also that would take care of heating the underbelly of the unit. Any suggestions? Ideas? Does this make sense. Thanks.
  3. My husband and I are full timers. Our kids live on both sides of the country and are very busy. Where do full timers spend the hot summer months where there is still community. We have traveled a lot of the country but we have found summers hard to deal with. Most folks we meet in the summer are so busy with their families that we are wondering where is there community?
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