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  1. Just want to share a little story about my new Allegro Bus & the shower with the trough in the bottom. I noticed after we were showering there was some water on the ground outside. I spent a while trying to figure out the problem & discovered the trough is glued to the base & has separated. Apparently to replace the shower I need to bring my coach to Red Bay. Can’t see that happening any time soon, since I am in western Canada. A temporary fix was to epoxy the crack until a more permanent fix can be arranged. This trough is a poor design. As stated above this shower does not drain well.
  2. Will definitely try that product. Thanks for the information.
  3. I have a Thor Tuscany with the same issue. Checked everything. I clipped a small voltage light to the metal on the step & touched switch contact behind & my step we’ll cover worked. Will replace switch as soon as I find right one.
  4. I am in the process of updating to a new coach. The dealer is promoting or at the least suggesting I may want or need a paint protection product. Opinions?
  5. Hi, thanks for the suggestions but I have tried it on jacks level also the procedure as suggested by Lippert. Have not talked to them . Waiting to hear back from Thor Industries. Nothing seems to solve my issue so I will take it to a technician as soon as I can. Don’t have any dealer in my area so will wait until I travel. Thanks.
  6. My kitchen slide will not retract on my Motor Coach. Start to come in on the bottom but top does not move. It is Schwintek system. Try realignment procedure but to no avail. Only way to get it retracted is by jacking outside edge.
  7. Thanks. I may have found what I need at Etrailer, but I will keep that number in case this does not work out.
  8. While researching an issue of my own I came across a system by a company called Rydeen. Asked the dealer about it & he said if I was to replace my system this would work well. Seemed priced reasonable.
  9. I have a Thor Tuscany Motor Coach. It has Velvac mirrors c/w cameras that work with turn signals. One camera now does not work. After a significant amount of time & phone calls & emails I have not been able to find a new camera. Also consulted a audio visual shop. Maybe someone might have an idea where to find such a camera.
  10. How do you feel about the Winegard Wifi extender & is it worth the investment to have one?
  11. $1000 Canadian. Not paint, decal stripes. They took pics of coach & can match to any vehicle.
  12. 2014 Thor Tuscany & 2015 Ford Fiesta toad.
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