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  1. I, too, have recently experienced violent shaking of my 2014 Jeep Cherokee being flat towed behind my 2013 Phaeton with the Roadmaster all-terrain package. It has happened twice on the same day. Very scary situation. This after several thousand miles of trouble-free towing. The first time was over an uneven patch of repaired road. The second occurrence just happened out of the blue. I had to bring the rig to a complete stop to eliminate the rocking motion of the Jeep, which was clearly visible to me in the rear view camera. The only way to prove this major problem is to somehow figure out a way to record it when it occurs. Jeep dealer won't acknowledge the problem. Roadmaster tech suggests attaching bungie cord from steering wheel to seat bracket with enough tension to allow the wheels to turn but also to keep the steering wheel centered. It's a shame to have to do stuff like this on an expensive car. I believe the problem is with the Jeep. If it happens again, I will definitely sell the vehicle to avoid putting my family in such a dangerous situation. Dealer says they need to be able to duplicate the problem. Enough owners have had this problem and their separate complaints have duplicated the problem many times over. Jeep needs to look into this immediately before it causes multiple serious accidents.
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