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  1. I purchased a Tiretraker pressure monitoring system in Quartzsite, AZ this year. I hadn't worried too much about having a TPMS until the toad kept giving me a low pressure alarm (turned out to be the spare). Anyway I purchased the system and couldn't be more happy. We just came back from the Tiffin factory in Red Bay, AL where we saw a lot of tire blowout damage to wheelwells and storage bay doors. Before the TPMS I checked tires each travel day and "dinged" them at each stop. While that provided a better look than never I find comfort in continuous monitoring. The Tiretraker system uses replaceable batteries which I love rather than having to send the sensor back to the factory everytime a battery needs replacing. On the Red Bay trip we had tremendous rain, freezing weather and snow and the sensors never failed to work. I just took them off the coach and toad and inspected them and they showed no traces of water intrusion. The original monitor had problems shutting off. I emailed the dealer, he sent a new one no further questions asked and only asked I return the defective one back to him using a prepaid mailer. Can't ask for more than that! I highly recommend this unit - the monitor receives signals from all 10 sensors without a booster unit (36 foot coach and toad). Now I check the tire pressure every morning just by using the monitor to scroll each tire's condition. In fact when I inspect the tires before traveling I often take the monitor with me and verify the pressure at each tire while walking around the unit. I recommend the Tiretraker system, especially because of the replaceable batteries and because of the reasonable cost compared to other units I saw in Quartzsite.
  2. I purchased a protect-a-tow to go to Alaska. To the manufacturer's credit they were concerned about the exhaust heat from our 2008 Tiffin Phaeton exhaust temperature. The Phaeton discharges the exhaust directly to the rear of the coach. The manufacturer and I exchanged pictures and correspondence and I ended up purchasing the product. The discharge (in spite of a downward pointing deflector) eventually melted the fabric. I used bungee cords and other solutions to keep the fabric away as far as I could but was unsuccessful. Not only did it melt the fabric but it also heated the PVC spreader to the point it sagged unbelieveably. The product seemed like it would work but it did not. I took a chance knowing that the manufacturer was very honest regarding the exhaust heat potentially causing problems. You should look at your exhaust discharge point and make that decision after talking with the manufacturer. I still had rocks fly up on the car when traveling so I really don't think it would have been satisfactory for me even without the heat issue. If you stay on paved roads and never encounter gravel construction then you may be happy. The unit is easy to install for sure and stores easily. It gets pretty dirty so be sure and wear gloves. Good luck.
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