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  1. After contacting Customer Support for Jeep I was told that the fix for the problem would not be available until the end of February and that the vehicle should not be towed until the fix is purchased from Jeep. It would not be offered at no cost as reported.
  2. I have the hydralift on my 2016 Dutch Star 4369 and it is a strong lift and works well. I originally had it on my 2014 Ventana but it was mounted too low on the frame and pulling over any driveway ramp was a problem. I transferred the same lift to the Dutch this year but it was correctly installed this time. I did have a pump failure which set me back over $500 for the parts and I installed it. I had the motorcycle garage on the Ventana and I would tell everyone not to buy it because it ripped apart on the first trip. Brad who is Hydralift is a jerk and the only person to reach. He runs the company on a cell phone and will tell you its your fault. Long story short after months of arguing and sending it back twice at my expense, he replaced the garage. I just threw the new one out after 3,000 miles and having the rear support break and destroy the back of a new Harley. In summary, the lift is good but do not expect any support from Brad. Do not under any circumstances buy the garage. Even when it was not ripped, I repaired it twice after he replaced it, it does not keep your bike clean. A trailer is the only answer.
  3. I guess my point was that when they break or damage your rig they will deny it. I've heard this from others and now I've experienced it first hand. There was no question who did it. It was beyond any doubt the manager broke them off at the stems. The company mantra seems to be DENY. I had a lengthy conversion with a exec at the corporate office. I explained that I was a Judge and a lawyer and the liability issue and he could care less. He implied that I was trying to defraud them. It is my read, after 46 years in law, he had a company line to stick to. Sad, because it is convenient to use but dangerous if they cause damage. I inadvertently deleted a members entry, forgive me I am new at this so please re post.
  4. i took my 2016 Newmar Dutch Star for a wash at Blue Beacon Truck Wash. For $36.00 I thought it was a good idea, not true. They are very fast and don't care about their work. While bushing the wheels they broke off two tire pressure monitors worth $100.00 and immediately denied the damage even though one was laying on the floor next to the wheel. I guess it must have rolled along from Florida with us and ended up taking the same route to El Paso Texas. Don't expect anything fro corporate headquarters because their $11.00 and hour supervisor said he did not break them off even though I was in the coach when both tire sensor alarms went off went out and saw him brushing the last tire.
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