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  1. We have a 2003 Signature Supreme. To have the driver's window repaired they had to remove the blind. It worked when it went up-after the window work it will not activate. 1) Does anyone know who would have made the blinds? There was no marking at all on it. 2) I can see that the assembly is held by two clips. I have tried using a screwdriver blade to 'unclip' but can't seem to move the clip fingers. Any suggestions? Herman, thanks for your response.
  2. Hi! We are in a 45' Monaco heading from Colorado Springs to Island Park Idaho. Current plan is first night in Casper WY. We are looking for recommendation as to route from there. One way is 1) Cheyenne - Cody - Island Park through Yellowstone, 2nd option is Cheyenne - Rock Springs - Jackson and up the west side(outside of the park). We are towing a vehicle also. New to RVing since Dec 2015, some hills in TX so far. Start date from Cheyenne is 5/10/16 to be in Island Park on 5/12/16.. I can be reached here in the forum or slider_48167@yahoo.com. Coach has a 525 Cummins, new tires with 3000 miles on them. Thanks in advance for any help!! Bob & Janet Czapski
  3. Hi all. I'm new here. We have a 2003 Monaco we bought used. We had to replace the Tvs and the satellite. We have a new Weingard and Directv. There is no "box" for the Weingard. The problem we have is getting local channels after we change locations. We have been told that Direct techs cannot work on Wiengard and that Wiengard cannot pick up HD. We had a service call in Navarre FL, and the tech changed setup to hide HD and then we got the local channels. Right now we are just north of Galveston. We have notified Direct of the change and I reset up the dish with new area code. We get channels 70 and up only. I talked with Direct service this am. We tried different satellite types with no change. So far we have tried different dish settings and get Xs instead of check marks. We have ONE Direct receiver only. Does anyone have any suggestions/tips etc? We had it working before and now bleehhhh?.. In our last location in LA we used cable for local but there is no cable where we are now. Bob & Janet Czapski 2003 Monaco Signature Surpreme, 45',
  4. Thank you Herman. We did join FMCA.. I would back up "maybe" two feet no more. Better question for practicing: 1) are most spaces angled? 2) is there a standard width in RV parks? 3) is there a FAQ list in this site? I'm just learning the site
  5. Here we go again - last post disappeared. Newbies here. Planning on a year plus full-time. We were advised by others to go as big as we could, and we ended up with a great deal on a used 45' Monaco. We don't pick it up until 8/14. Plan is to hit large parking lots on the way home to practice turns and parking. Does anyone have suggestions about backing up with our tow disconnected? Straight driving doesn't make me nervous, but I know I need a lot of practice with turns. One other question: I'm guessing that is tha MH makes it through a turn, then my Escape on a dolly will automatically clear? Thank very much in advance for any suggestions
  6. Brand new to RV and more than a little bit nervous. We were advised to go as big as possible, and are planning a full year or more on the road. We got a great deal on a used 45' Monaco. No problems driving straight but need to practice turns and parking. Pull through is probably the easiest ??? Any suggestions on backing up w/o a tow? We don't pick it up until 8/14 and plan on hitting some big parking lots for practice
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