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  1. Herman is spot on with sage advice. Pay particular attn to his comment regarding the credit card strategy.
  2. Well worth a few sq ft of storage to avoid spending time in laundromats I'm thinking.
  3. Do I have to stick with only compact apt size units?? My hope was to use a real washer and real dryer. Is there any way to install a home W/D?
  4. Since conventional wisdom has the 'all in one' W/D as not hearty enough to keep you out of laundromats my question is this: Is it possible to install "real" (useful in the sense that they work as home units) washer and dryer in a 40 foot DP. If so what do I need to look for when going out to purchase the DP. We are leaning towards a 40' Monaco or Newmar if this makes a difference. Thanks in advance for any helpful tips.
  5. Bob I have them and have used them twice for flat bedding small sports cars. No experience with big rigs. They were OK for the smaller vehicles. Rick
  6. Ha. Only one reason to tow a Cayenne. Put 10,000 miles on it without the engine running might bring the average MPG up to 8.5 or so. (Its a Turbo and I use the gas gauge as the speedometer.) At least I can go from the Cayenne TT and into a 42 footer or so and not go much backwards with MPG. We thought briefly of towing a 356 but it wouldn't hold much overflow from MH and wouldn't be worth a **** exploring old fire roads in the back country. Hence looking at something like you tow.
  7. I'll be towing with 4 down. Thankfully with experience towing a 20' enclosed trailer but only with a Porsche Cayenne. May I ask what the danger is backing with a toad? Does it jack knife quickly?? Can you get away with a couple of feet if the rig is straight and kept straight?
  8. Will do. I see you drive a 45 footer. What is AMC? I can't find it on rvtrader.
  9. Hi Carl Def. decided to go 40 to 42' DP. I posted to you on my other thread...
  10. Timely question. I'm glad I started this 6 months early. We have now morphed to towing. Since we decided to tow we have decided to get a 40-42 foot DP. Now we can concentrate in ernest on the target. Yesterday we looked at an 02 Monaco Signature and a HR 03. It is remarkable how good a 12 yr old coach can look when well made from the get go. So Bird, Monaco, Newmar, HR, Beaver and Country Coach are the targets. I still have 120 days to make a decision. It was helpful to hear the horror stories of new delivery customers of Forest River. This helped push us to better older quality.
  11. I understand that. Is there a formula I can use to determine if a coach SHOULD have a tag? I'm sure there are some coaches out there that are on the cusp.
  12. It looks like you are from CA. They do have agressive Lemon Laws here. Google Lemon Law CA and make yourself aware of the 4 or 5 items you need to file. (You easily will qualify). Then google for a good law firm that specializes in LW but doesn't do too much seedy advertising. Before engaging them tell the dealer...."We can do this the easy way or the hard way". They will probably refund your money without hiring a law firm. Your should get your money back. You do NOT have to have them "fix" the coach.
  13. Thank you for your answers Brett. May I ask one more? What is the point at which you need a tag axle on a coach? Seems like a 40 to 42' coach sometimes has a tag but usually does not. Is there a guideline from which to work?
  14. Is there one or the other that is considered to be an engine to stay away from? Or are you trepidatious about answering because one of your friends has one. Any person you may insult probably will not see your answer. Or perhaps this is a good question to answer via PM. Also is compression brake better or not as good as exhaust? A "jake brake" is which type? I appreciate your answers to these newbie questions.
  15. My common sense tells me that the window prop concept while nice on paper is probably not practical. First you have to waste valuable seconds finding it. Another second to two placing it. How do you keep from bumping it on bailout? When flames and smoke are close you will easily squirm through even a heavy window. You don't need to get clobbered by a heavy window half way out. Better to slide through a window that will move up and down with your body.
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