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  1. Our first Class A was a 2015 Storm 32H bunk house. Bought it brand new. We put just over 6000 miles on it and (negative equity and all) just traded it in for 2012 Diesel Pusher. What a difference! The Storm has many problems right from the git-go. Awning, generator, shower leak, window leaks, etc.etc. Then to top it off some of the design work that Fleetwood did was just unbelievable. Its those little things you don't think of when you are first looking at a new MH and you've never had one before. For example: you can't raise the basement door all the way up unless you disconnect the city water because the hose is in the way. The rearview camera: it's down too low and at and angle that the driver can't see it without completely leaning over and taking your eyes off the road. THAT was fun on my first run through Chicago rush hour traffic with a car on a tow dolly. Just crazy stuff that whoever did the design work obviously never has used a MH. Now I've hear it before, but yep: Buy your second motorhome first!!!
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