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  1. TY. Let me see if I understand this. When using the Propane to heat the water, what element are we talking about? I have not used the electric heating at all, always propane. Does the Propane method use a heating element?
  2. I accidentally forgot to switch my bypass valve to normal operation during our first camping trip this past weekend. So I ran the water heater with very little or no water in it on the first day (Friday). My wife was washing dishes and says hey the water heater is sounding strange and she had no hot water, seems to be starting and stopping multiple times. I discovered that I had failed to turn the bypass valve to normal operation. I switched the valve to normal and the tank filled with water. The heater turned on and ran for quite a while to get the water up to temp. Then at a point later that day we noticed it was cycling again. It starts up and runs for 15 to 30 secs. Goes from a roaring flame to a slow trickle down then off. It repeats this multiple times when the water is already warm to hot. If I wait overnight, the water cools and the next morning it ran beautiful from the water being cold overnight to get it hot. Seems to cycle often when the water is already hot, like it is sensing a drop in water temp, then ignites, senses the water is still hot, then shuts down. I am mostly wondering what does running a water heater with little to no water actually do to the water heater? Does it burn some out? A sensor or something that I can replace? We used it this morning for two showers and it seemed to work OK.
  3. Thanks all. I crawled underneath and realized the hissing was coming from one of the leveling valves. I could put pressure on it and it would release air from the rubber vent tube. If I used pressure the opposite way it would stop. So that must be some of the hissing and settling of the coach. As we unload at home we are walking in and out possibly causing the coach to sway side to side and the valves release air so it settles faster over time. I timed the suspension bleed down so I was more accurate. As long as no one enter the coach to cause a rocking which would then bleed from the leveling vent tube, it stayed pressurized for about 24 hours. That is based on the dash brake gauges and the under the hood aux air port gauge. I may still check with a soapy solution. Another item - why is there only one leveling valve on the front drivers side and two on the rear of this coach?
  4. I purchased a 2004 Winnebago Journey36G on an XC chassis. The coach has the Neway air suspension system. My question is - are the air suspension bags supposed to bleed off when the coach is turned off, all by themselves? The air suspension takes about a half day and drains itself. I would expect it to stay pressurized until I hit the dump button. Should I be checking for leaks?
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