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  1. It is gas. It is a 2005 Dutchmen FourWinds M34r. It's a C+ or Super C. On the c5500 chassis with the 8.1l. I do like the M&G and it comes highly recommended I just hated to have to buy it twice with two vehicles I would be towing. One question on that, I am looking at getting the CoolTech harness. Most of the aux brakes simply press the brake pedal down, therefore activating the brake switch causing the brake lights to activate. This causes problems with the CoolTech harness because the brake light would wash out the blinker. Since the M&G presses at the master cylinder, then I would not think it would activate the brake switch so that problem would be eliminated?? Thanks!
  2. Good morning, I am looking to purchase a used 2005 Dutchmen Four Winds M34R Class C+. It is on the C55 chassis, Kodiak Chassis, and has the 8.1L engine. The motorhome is in really good shape and very clean, It only has 26,000 miles. I have a pretty good stack of receipts to go with it. It is currently at Camping World having an inspection done on it. Any thoughts or experience out there on this motorhome? Thanks!
  3. Good morning, I am new here. I will be picking up my motorhome later this week and I need some help on the best auxiliary braking system for my situation. I think I have analysis paralysis at this point. I have researched them all. M&G, Blue Ox, Ready Brake RViBrake, BrakeBuddy, BrakeMaster as well as others. Then reading reviews there are these horror stories of ruined brakes, tires etc. Here is my situation: I will be using two different vehicles to tow depending on situation. 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Lifted 3.25" with 35" tires. I already have a Blue Ox Aventa tow bar given to me by my father. I am going to use the Blue Ox off road adapters for attachment to my bumper. Second vehicle will be a 2014 Ford Explorer. For me a auxiliary brake that I can move from vehicle to vehicle would be best but again those horror stories of ruined tires and brakes. Maybe this is from improper installation or setup? Personally I like the idea of mechanical operation but since I am towing my lifted Jeep and will need a raised receiver adapter, can a mechanical setup, such as the ReadyBrake, be used since it would put additional strain on the receiver? If that is the case then a system such as the Invisibrake may be the best option and I will need to install one in each car. Thanks for your help!
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