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  1. I've been fulltiming for two years now. We have 2 phones on Verizon and one on Project Fi. In that time we have been perhaps 2 places where there was no cell service of any kind on any of the phones. We have been in perhaps 6 places where data service was unusable on Verizon. In maybe 2 of those, I got at least some data on Project Fi. But we have been in a dozen or more places where Project Fi data didn't work, but Verizon did. And almost all of these places were commercial campgrounds, not boondocking. I would expect boondocking to have even worse results on any cell phone.
  2. The Ready Brake will not activate when the engine brake is being used. It is engineered to prevent that. I have one and have had no issues with it.
  3. I scratched the right rear of my 42 foot DP the very first morning we had it when I ran into a planter at the front of our site. The DW said: "At least it was you and not me. I would have never heard the last of it." Yep, she's right.
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