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  1. 2012 Roadtrek SS Agile Here in Portland Oregon it doesn't get real cold in the winter. But we can have a few days below freezing (0C, 32F). It hardly ever snows and if it does, it's dusting that lasts only a day or so. Has anyone successfully used a heater for the water tanks (fresh, gray, black)? I have always winterized, but I would very much like to use my coach in the winter. I have no intention of driving into the mountains and snow. Mostly I would drive south into CA and AZ. But I would store in Portland, OR. I talked to my dealer, but they were not knowledgeable. They said they would install, but would not recommend. They mentioned heating tape around pipes and a heating blanket around the tanks. Actually, they want me to purchase it on my own and bring it to them. I was hoping they would just know what to do and do the whole thing. It would run on the battery, and I would be on shore power when I store. I park outside beside my house. Is this a reasonable thing to think about? Has anyone doe this with success? I did search the forum but did not find this topic ... although it may very well be there. Other people must have thought about this. -ted
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