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  1. Recently we were in Iowa where it got cold. We purposely did not hook up the hose so it wouldn't freeze. We then tried to use our water pump but after turning it on within seconds it shut off all 3 buttons to it indicating a fuse or something electrical went bad. In our manuel there was no indication where the circuit was broken? After testing all the fuses we found a 10amp one had failed on the panel located in our master bath area. The fuse was marked "Monitor Panel" so that's where the confusion was. I odnt understand why Holiday Rambler did not have this information about it but glad it was an easy fix. ours is a 2003 40 foot diesel pusher.
  2. I have tried to give Camping World benefits of doubts many times and many times they have disappointed us. Recently I gave them the business for a HD Satellite installation. They totally messed it up causing my cable tv and air tv to not work. Several times returned and overtime said it was fixed when it wasn't. I finally had to take it to a stereo store to get it right. I will never take my coach again to Camping World. There are better independent shops out there that appreciate your business more then Camping World shows their customers.
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