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  1. I'm in an area with poor cell coverage and the Wi Fi is sketchy. I've added DSL service, which also comes with a land line. It works fine at the pedestal, but the jacks are all dead once connected to coach. Just wondering if anyone is familiar with the wiring/junctioning. Thanks
  2. Trying to connect phone service to my 2010 Allegro Bus. I see the connection point in the wet bay, but once I plug in all the jacks are dead, in the coach. Does anyone know where the junction box is for the phone circuits, or have an idea what could be the issue ? Thanks, George
  3. I have a 2010 Allegro Bus. It has 3 Duotherm roof units. The controller appears to be an RVComfort.ZC My issue is that the units can alternately act strange. When I first turn them on, sometimes one or more of the units will begin cooling beyond the set temperature. To make it stop, I need to use the mode button to manually turn all the units off. Then turn the main cool switch off. Wait a minute or so, then turn the main switch back on and turn on the individual units. Normal operation will usually resume. Other times, a unit's fan will come on, but the compressor won't. I have to go through the same procedure to reset that unit. I've begun to do all the units at the same time to avoid the issue. It seems to only happen when the controller has been off, or has been set to heat, and is being returned to cool. Quite annoying during Spring season. I checked the thermostat to see if maybe it had batteries in it. None found. Any thoughts ?
  4. My wife and I are 52. Still looking for options. Hopefully, they'll work on making ACA plans nationwide.
  5. Is anyone willing to share how they maintain coverage while on the road, outside of Medicare? That or recommend a good plan?
  6. Is anyone familiar, or preferably have experience, with a Nationwide PPO plan offered by US Health (RVer Insurance)? They offer a plan that has an out of network option that seems to cover us out of our home state. Its not ACA compliant and would require us to pay the Obama penalty. Overall, its a little more expensive that what we can get from Marketplace, but the Marketplace offers no protection when out of our home base.
  7. Camping in colder weather past week. Hooked up to city water during the day, filling the water tank. Disconnecting water line at night running off tank. Temperatures in high 40's to low 50's during day. High 20's to low 30's at night. All has been fine until tonight. I filled the tank as usual this morning. I fill the tank until water comes out the overflow. When I went to disconnect the city line tonight, the water pump won't cut off. I checked all the faucets and nothing is leaking. When I check the city water hose, water was being pumped out. I flipped the lever to the tank fill setting from city water to tank fill. The water stopped trickling out the city water hose and the pump shut off. When I flipped it back to city water, the pump came on and water began trickling out the water hose again. Any ideas ??
  8. glsponchos

    LED Light

    Anybody know where I can find a light like this ? Part number maybe ??
  9. glsponchos

    Road Light

    I have a 2010 Allegro Bus 43QGP. On the main switch console, on the left as you enter the coach, there is a button on the bottom right that says road light. I can't figure out what it does. The manual refers to it, but doesn't explain. My dealer service dept. didn't know either. Any ideas ?
  10. Thanks. The 8 came from the ad I cut and pasted from. I'm a fish out of water when it comes to satellite. I managed to find a Dish rep who considered my RV to be by home and agreed to send a tech out. We'll see what that yields. Does anyone know anything about the IR splitters that come with the Tiffin's ?
  11. I have a 2010 Allegro Bus 43QGP. I bought the coach used. It has the in motion antennae and a Dish based Trav'ler installed. Does anyone know if the Hopper / Super Joey combo (DISH Network HOPPER (includes Sling) Super Joey Combo for Recording 8 Shows at Once (RECORD8-KIT)) is compatible with the Trav'ler. Also, I'm told that the Allegro IR repeater doesn't work with Dish and that you had to buy a kit. Anyone heard of that ? The wiring for the IR repeater, picture attached, has several AUX like plug in's along with a white two prong chord. Assuming all that needs to plug into something. I'm not getting help from Dish. They only support the 211 for RV. The local dealer won't touch it because its an RV. Advice ??
  12. Thanks for the intel. Do you know of anyone in the Indianapolis area ?
  13. I've spoken to them twice on the topic. May not have used Dish, but I'm clear on what I've been told. The salesman suggested that I go out on Amazon and buy a Hopper III. He changed his mind and said it wasn't compatible. He did mention different hoppers and also the VIP 722. Anybody have experience with that unit. Again, Dish won't see it to me, but said I could buy off Amazon. For clarity, I'm a full timer and have no permanent services
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