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  1. I am sure the time is coming when I will be spending a lot more time in the RV than I currently do. I am sure that many of you have heard about or experienced the dreaded Norcold refrig red lite. I have had this problem on 4 different occasions and non of them was a good experience. When the red lite went on, the refrig would not work, and trying to get it up and running was next to impossible. Calling Norcold resulted with you have to call an authorized dealer. Well that didn't work in a timely fashion. Lots of spoiled food. Questions like did you buy the RV from us, or waiting from 3-4 weeks for an appointment and even as long as 5 months. No wonder owners get upset. The same could happen with your heating and hot water unit. I have a 2008 Haulmark motor coach with a Precision Temp Jr. 2. Precision Temp had it's fare share of design and manufacturing problems, but I really feel they have their act together. My unit was replaced under warranty in less than one year. I had the unit upgrade 5 years ago. When ever I had a problem I just called customer service and they would trouble shoot the problem over the phone. Sometimes it was a real simple fix, other times it required a part that I had the next day. Their units are a little expensive, but very quiet heat and endless hot water. Sometimes an extended shower cures a lot of ills. Their units take up very little room and are quit efficient. So if you are at all mechanically inclined you can fix your own heat and hot water unit where ever you are, and with out having to wait for a repair man to charge an arm and a leg Their customer service is the best I have run across.
  2. What are RVers using for security and or alarm systems? I would like a system that would alert me via cell phone when there is a security alert.
  3. somethinsup

    Tire Dilemma

    First let me start by saying this is my first post. I drive a 45 foot Haulmark on a Freightliner Coronado body and love it. I was doing a routine inspection and noticed some serious cracks in the sidewalls of the steer tires. They are Michelin XZA2 size 295/80r22.5. I started doing some research on different RV forums and found this is a major problem with this particular tire. I could not find any recalls, but did find that Michelin has made some offers to consumers to help replace some of these damaged tires. I also found this tire has made its way to the NHTSA web site stating some catastrophic failures. I called Michelin about the tires, and I have to make an appointment to have the tires evaluated. Here is my dilemma. I know I am going to have to replace two steer tires. I priced Michelin at a local dealer and thru the Michelin Advantage program. I can save about $50 a tire thru the program. Two tires mounted and balanced cost about $1600. I did some research on other brands. Hercules, Toyo, Goodyear all have tires of the size needed. Goodyear is a little cheaper, but have just as many reported failures if not more than the Michelin. Toyo's seem to have a rough ride, and Hercules seem to not wear well. Two Hercules or Toyo cost about $800, half the price of Michelins. Michelin's XZA2 is the highest priced tire they make in the size needed. It appears this tire was created for the RV industry. From what I could find this tire has the most failures. It just seems like if Michelin is so proud of this tire, it would not have the sidewall issues. So what is a body to do?
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