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  1. For a 3 week stay, if our USAA insurance card on our MH be sufficient? How much of our food in refrigerator should we worry about?
  2. C-798165

    Tire Blowouts

    What is main reason?
  3. ok need to replace house batteries, 12v, 2 0f them....recommendations for our 2014, 37 ft Fleetwood Bounder? had purchased a year old, batteries were dry, flooded them, worked for awhile, but dead now. Toni
  4. We can use all kinds of tips as to routes, campgrounds, sites to see after we leave Gillette, WY. No schedule after Rodeo July 17-24, free wheeling after that. 37 ft Class A with toad...on the way to CA to see friends and sister, but we have never seen the National Parks, etc..all will be new to us. How much of a challenge will the road be from Boise, ID to Lake Tahoe via US-95? In planning our trip, looking at CA, we will be visiting friends in Monterra, then wanted to head to San Luis Obispo, on pass Los Angeles to where sister lives in Claremont, CA. Question is how user friendly will U.S. 1 down CA coast be for a 37 ft Class A with toad, or should we take inner roads instead? Also Thanks to any and all advice..new at this cross country travel. Toni & Terry
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