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  1. There are various RV trip routing services, some probably pretty good, some not. A service that provides routes, alternate routes, mountain grades, bridge clearances & maybe even campgrounds located along recommended routes would be nice. If anyone has used certain services, what are they and do you recommend or not. Also, does anyone use Mountaindirectory.com ? If so, do you think the book or on-line version is preferable ? Price seems reasonable and the publication looks to be very informative. This year will be our first venture to the mountain West with a 38' Class A, w/Triton V-10 & Jeep Cherokee towed. Been West before but never in a rig like this, so some apprehension is to be expected, I guess. Any advice will be most appreciated.
  2. Kaypsmith: Thank you for taking time to share your information. The lift you show is is similar to one I had seen work before, but was never able to find it on-line. Will definitely be looking into it ASAP. Looks like the ideal solution for my wife!!
  3. Interested in the 4" stair option as well as lifts. Have searched for lifts but can't really locate anything that looks good. Any websites you could recommend , Kay ? My wife has to crawl up steps in our Class A 😟😟
  4. Yup, Cleburne it is. Will let y'all know if we choose that route. 840 mile drive...not bad! THANX!!
  5. manholt: thanks for the feedback. Yes, Kerville has been our "go-to" winter destination, however last year & this year, due to my wife's health, we won't be going. We are considering selling our 37GT Thor Challenger (2014) since it is not getting enough use. We're not quitting, by any means, just taking a break & hope to purchase a newer unit once things improve. A top quality consignment dealer, as PPL appears to be, is WAY more appealing than going thru the hassle of trying to sell it myself. I've heard the warnings about consignment, and how the dealer tends to find things that need repaired/replaced in order to get the unit sold. Richard
  6. We are considering PPL. Have promptly received info from them & they seem to know what they are doing & how to do it. For $550 they completely wax, detail your RV prior to putting it on the lot, which is worth it, in my opinion. They establish a selling price for your approval, then you decide. Commission is 10% Hopefully some former PPL customers will reply with experiences, good or bad.

    step retraction

    This makes sense, tcolburn, except the house batteries switch in our Thor Challenger is about a foot above the doorway....so that option is out. Have to take the MH in for a safety recall, which is for the steps. Maybe they'll have an answer. If so I'll post their suggestions, but it won't be for a few months till we get there.

    step retraction

    Have the same issue when house batteries are OFF; when they're on steps retract OK. Been trying to solve this for awhile.
  9. We have always left the water heater on electric 24/7, even when in one location for months. About five years ago had to replace an element. But now that the subject comes up for discussion, it does seem to make sense to shut down during periods when not needed for awhile. Think we will begin this practice...sure can't hurt anything Looking forward to future comments on this topic.
  10. In the FMCA magazines, there are several companies offering custom fit Dash covers, though I've seen some reviews that some are not as "custom fit" as they claim. Might be worth checking in to.
  11. We have not received a notice, and we do have a problem. Guess I will check with Thor.
  12. Good Info...learned something helpful!
  13. Oops, forgot to mention, "Snowbird" is a Florida, Arizona term. "Winter Texan" is the term to use. If ya say "snowbird", everyone will know you're a "Newbie"!!
  14. We winter in Hill Country, a laid back western type atmosphere. Fredericksburg RV Park is our destination for this year. Have several friends from Amarillo we enjoy being with. And...Hill Country not that far away!
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