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  1. Bob KM4WPF Basically traveling and then in RV park wherever. Tech license and no other interests. Don't expect to venture further into hobby.
  2. I added an Icom2300H recently in a Fleetwood Expedition 40X. Mounted it next to the drivers left side on the control counsel. Ran power wires thru a hole in front firewall to power studs there. Attached the antenna with a bracket about 3ft below the roof on the outside by drilling thru the wall. Took 2 1/2 inch stainless bolts. Drilled a 1/2 inch hole to feed the cable thru to the radio. Antenna was a 3ft Diamond 2 meter. Luckily I had a compartment that was there and had opening available. Antenna provides the ground plane. It works very well and I've tied into many repeaters and done simplex. Just so you know I have only had my license for a couple of months. We were on an Adventure Caravans trip and the trail master was a Ham and helped with the planning. I took my test on a balcony outside a restaurant at Mt. Rushmore.
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