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  1. Blake sadly it's an automatic and can't be towed 4 down. You are most welcome glad to have served this Great country and would do it all over again
  2. Wayne, LOVE Temecula and the wineries, we are about 1.5 hours from there depending on who and what we are driving...lol Here's a picture of my "Faster" ride :-)
  3. Wayne, will do! Where in California you heading to?
  4. Herman, we are in Huntington Beach, Ca, heading to San Antonio first to see my sister then up to Euless to see my son then to Longview to see my other 2 sisters, then to Prescott Az. to see my Aunt . Already joined FMCA and enjoying the awesome people here. Ask away with the questions! Blake, Worked building the C-17 for almost 30 years before they closed the program down, I'm sure I'll be tapping some of the expert knowledge you all have to share and hope I can contribute also. I'm a shade tree mechanic myself worked on cars since I was 15 then went into the Air Force and was a B-52 Crew Chief for over 7 years then drove truck for a couple of years before I went to work at McDonnell Douglas/Boeing for 29 year 7 mo. Now I'm taking a break and spending time with the real boss....lol Hope to see you all and have a cup of coffee some time! Dave
  5. My wife Robin and I are new to the group, we have a 1999 Safari Zanzibar and are just getting into RVing. We will be taking our first trip next week to see family in Texas and Arizona so should be a good trip!
  6. One: David (Dave) Crandall Two: USAF Three: Dec. 1976 to April 1984 Four: SSGT E5 Five: 43171 Jet over 4 mechanic B-52 Crew Chief Six: Just an old Cold War vet after basic in San Antonio went to Tech school at Chanute AFB Ill. Then stationed at Castle AFB, Merced Ca, then BOP to Fairchild AFB Spokane Wa. Loved my time in and would do it all over again God bless our military Past present and those that gave all
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