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  1. In ten years, in Colorado High Country, 2 coaches 1999 and 2001 C12 and 330 3126B CATS, sit outside, full tanks of fuel with shell covers. Batteries watered up and fully charged and plugged in. I have never started engines nor generators till spring. They have always started with in a couple rotations. Both generators under 300 hours one starts on second rotation the other half a dozen as from day one. As Bret and Richard suggest...let common sense prevail
  2. Nothing to installing them any tire shop with and impact and ability to lift can take care of the job. I used the coach jack set up AND A PILE OF BLOCKS worked fine. NOT ROCKET SCIENCE.
  3. I have tried to slow down🤣 I know I know hard to do but it works...Glad to know We are not the only ones with this problem...gotta show this to Janet... B
  4. Beaver, Living as we do in the West it is a spectacular place. You, obviously having not visited the West, it is going to be even better. But 15 days to get there, see and return is completely unrealistic, only because you have no idea of the of what you will encounter. Pick one place of what you suggest and enjoy it. The remaining will still be there for a much longer visit after you realize the magnitude of the West and it's expansiveness. From where you are, stay kinda north on I 90 and visit Mt Rushmore, South Dakota, or the Tetons and Yellowstone if time allows. It is another two days driving to Utah and the National Parks. In any event, it will be tough to accomplish and do it and your family justice enjoying what you find. Next time allow 1 to 3 months if you can . It is not like going to an amusement park it is far better!!!
  5. Carl, are you down to one coach!?
  6. A lesson to future buyers if they look at this site or if you post it on Facebook and other sites.
  7. The washer won't go out a side window? it will in my old Safari Panther. Getting it through the bedroom door. Took the control panel off, slid it through put it back together and out the window it went. I agree not a great time of the year to send it back.
  8. Water holds more BTUs than a pile of rocks as I recall. So a full tank of water will keep the lower bays warm for a bit in a situation as described. Small volumes like the water bay will obviously freeze much faster.
  9. It is highly unlikely that they are directional on any OE coach much less otherwise. Maybe on a Lexus or a Porsche
  10. I agree get an ARP if you are a boondocker or want to be. If not and you are generally plugged in then do a residential unit per Herman
  11. I just looked on Amazon Mityvac 6400 246 dollars
  12. Paints are so good today, it will begin to fail long after you add more profit to the dealers bottom end.
  13. The best and to my knowledge the only effective manner to eliminate air in an ABS pump is to pressure bleed it. Vacuum bleeding does not pull enough fluid through the system fast enough. Pedal pumping once the bleed hose is full takes forever and a whole lot of fluid if one is ever successful. Effective pressure bleeders are expensive and the one I have lower end was 300 something but works great. mitivac.com in spite of the name it is a pressure bleeder.
  14. What is wrong with yours, replacing can be pretty expensive. I had mine disassembled and resealed, look and act like new for a fraction of the cost. Knowing what coach you have would help
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