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  1. Interesting read to say the least.
  2. I would agree it is now harder to make changes at Direct now that ATT has them.
  3. Richard thanks for posting the scope B
  4. I hardly ever make reservations unless I know it will be busy, holiday so forth. I live west of the Mississippi River so plenty of places to dry camp. If I am in an area like Florida, I go with the toad for a look. Many sights will take a longer coach just fine and the coach becomes the length needed. Never had a problem and has fit every time.
  5. Replace both batteries if 12 volt or it will happen again...better yet replace with 6 volters you will have more usable amp hours and longer battery life. OIf you can find them use Crown 260s or Trojan 105s. 12V volt deep cycle marines are compromise but maybe that does not matter...
  6. SMC Safari coaches came with them standard equipment. Great tier for the money. That said be sure to check the speed rating L or better. L=75 MPH J=65 a no go check production dates all tires no older than 6 months
  7. It was just a sales pitch, virtually worthless.
  8. I live in Colorado, and grew up in Medford Oregon. My choice of routes always led me to 50 if I had the time and that was dozens of times between 1976 and the present day. I have had Porsches, Audis and the coach across it. East to west is the friendliest if in a coach. Be sure your brakes are in good working order. West to east offers greater climbing opportunities. The sights are wonderful, the roads intersecting the Interstate 80 north of 50, are all spectacular, scenic byways and all different from one another. Be sure you fuel tank is full as prices are high and sometimes far apart, 100+ miles. Yes it is a two lane all the way across the majority of Utah and Nevada. There is a very good reason it is called the "Loneliest Road". . Enjoy!
  9. I too think 8 hours is a bit stiff. I took my washer out and it took me an hour and a half including removal of the control face to get it through the bedroom door and replace it before shoving it out a window.
  10. Yes Welcome, Great looking coach, I have not seen one of them before. Great pictures too. We were just in North Georgia a couple weeks ago, up by Road Atlanta, Helen and Cleveland. My goodness pretty country. B
  11. Wanted to leave Colorado today for Arizona and 70 degree weather, but instead will leave Wednesday after the snow falls tonight and tomorrow morning...coach is nearly ready to roll. It is in the 50s as far North as Raton, New Mexico. Last year we went over Raton Pass in 3 inches of slush and 20 degrees. It is the last pass out of Colorado into New Mexico.
  12. Richard, Terrific, nice attention to detail. What voltage does the heat run on, pump and relay voltage? I like the the looks of the pump set up but think it could be done with one and 4 thermal wax zone valves which operate from the same voltage as the thermostats. Knowing what I learned from building the cabin and the floor height constraints I might encounter in the Panther, have me thinking, how do I.... I think 3/8 pex would work as well, reducing a little of the added height to the floor. Trick would be to find the appropriate pump. The manifolds could be placed under the fridge. The aluminum panels I have seen for 1/2 inch, wonder if available for the 3/8. Did you cover the floor entirely with them. Over all how much additional height did it add to the floor. The top surface of the floor, what is it? Does it conduct pretty well, warm to the feet? Just thinking outside of this box, with an air to air heat exchanger a fan and solar it could possibly be turned into a cooler in the summer during the hottest part of the day...a cool floor.
  13. Look at Collier Seminole State Park 15 miles South of Fort Myers. It was very nice stayed there last March and will again this year. Call soo as space limited
  14. Yes additional info on the places mentioned would be nice. We are going to be there NO in late February as we again go East to Sebring, Fla. for the endurance races. Last year a real hoot!!!
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