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  1. rsbilledwards

    2001 Safari Cheetah ABS/Pacbrake issue

    Sorry to butt in again Carl, but REV who owns Monaco anad Safari has no interest in we Safari owners nor do they like sharing info. So I suggest you join [email protected] 1,500 some SAFARI owners and some very astute people that maybe able to help. I would also suggest you call Dave Atherton here on the forum as a one on one which he likes better than the forum notations and have a talk about the question. He is master CAT troubleshooter, retired but giving back in a big way. 605 999 0720 Arizona
  2. rsbilledwards


    Yes it does Carl Do you have MONRES on your coach...do you like them😁😎 I hate arguing tith a guy I really like. but just sayin...b
  3. I too owned a body and paint shop from 72 till 2000 and then worked it by myself on and off and am still a sucker for the right job and money. The problem is still the same, finding either willing to learn help or knowledgeable available help. The pay scale, that is another huge issue as Elk indicated...no matter the scale they are looking for the next move to what is perceived to be better. I had all the trick equipment, welders, plasma cutters, spot/resistance welder, laser measuring equipment. I had epoxy painted floors like your garage with trim and art all over the walls and a big space 7,500 square feet. I had a national and an international reputation for quality Porsche restoration work. I paid for weekends at the vintage races with banners that promoted our shop. Still the workforce changed and they were not the top line people in the local industry to boot. I was always training someone at a technical level. All 8 of the guys including the newest was I paid nice year end dividends/bonuses, frequently 4 figures, still they looked. The best crew lasted 5 years. Look at the workload Camping world has. They certainly do not look for the cheapest labor in town yet the have countless hacks working there. Numerous studies have been done by the major news networks over the years accessing the honesty of the workers in the trades. The results have always been abysmal and I can attest to it with many I tried to hire and shortly there after let go. Pride in workmanship in my opinion is pretty low. I frequently found the attitude of "if they can afford to restore this Porsche I can take as many hours as I like to get the job done" or "they must have money". Does this sound familiar, just substitute "Motorhome". The workload can be there but you still must find competent, skilled, honest people willing to perform a timely and efficient repair. The idea of a start up business in a busy metro area is at best going to be an ongoing and uphill challenge until there is time under the belt and this does not address the hard costs of a well equipped shop to attract such a workforce.
  4. rsbilledwards


    On a Magnum chassis Monroe the is not adequate, sorry Carl bad info on this one. Look at the shockwarehouse.com I have a wholesale account at Koni and with free shipping Shock warehouse is significantly less money. I can assure you you you get what you pay for. The other problem they have not been back since the June 11
  5. rsbilledwards

    Yuma AZ Winter RV Resorts

    Rv Parks in the West are often located near the tracks as that is the least expensive land or so it seems.
  6. rsbilledwards


    Carl, refer this to those that know and I would heartily disagree. Bilstines are a hard gas shock with no adjustment. It rides hard on any thing you put them under. Koni on the other hand are hydraulic and have a softer rebound and are adjustable with the exception of the Smart FDS shocks series. Beavers mounted on the Magnum chassis typically responds very favorably to the addition of Koni shocks. Now his coach is a Monaco built and not SMC. It may or not be a Magnum Chassis. if an Airbag suspension it will respond very well to the addition Of FDS Koni Smart shocks...ask me how I know! He would be far better of contacting the Beaver Club and asking them for the specifics than us. I have used both in the automotive world and would not ever use the B's on something I was looking to improve the ride on...competition is another story. Still there is not adjustability to them. B
  7. rsbilledwards

    Best Towed Car Braking System

    I too should have updated my two bits...Took your advice Herman when in Quartzsite in January 2018 and at the RV show took the Aluminum Blue Ox in for a check up. I was told not to pass GO with it and they would not touch it. They explained why and I left with a new one Aluminum and steel. It is a third lighter than the 10K unit and since the Jeep I now have replacing the Tracker is only 3200 pounds should have enough excess strength to handle any adverse situations. I am not new to towing stuff but yes to flat towing a car.Thank you Herman for the suggestion.
  8. rsbilledwards

    Lost bushings

    Have not used them in a coach but as Richard suggests I and I can attest to in some cases and my reference is a little smaller than a coach, a Porsche, and similar, the ride will change to tighter and harder. Will the same occur in a coach of 30,000 pounds or greater you will have to try them and see for all our benefit. You might ask me if I would change should and when my big ones on the rear axle go, I would say definitely yes. The question then becomes what density. Like tires there are a significant variety to select from...
  9. rsbilledwards

    Mattress Replacement

    We have a sleep Number bed. It hangs over a bit but never a problem.
  10. rsbilledwards

    What is the best RV awning screen.

    How much of a drop is there before the zipper. I know the drop goes into the slot in the tube but is there a little rubber chord sewn into the drop to fit that slot?
  11. rsbilledwards

    1978 GMC Eleganza II Motorhome

    Yes great and shows very well. Nice attention to detail....B
  12. rsbilledwards

    GFCI Outlet No Power

    In my, both Safari coaches there is a switch to a solenoid that ties the two sets together. It saved me twice getting to a spot to purchase a new alternator, 200 miles. The switch is a momentary one so I had to keep a toe on it while driving. You may have such on the dash with a battery on it.
  13. rsbilledwards

    New Diesel Fuel B20 Biodiesel

    Great question Brett hope some one knows.
  14. rsbilledwards

    GFCI Outlet No Power

    I have seen this circus before and it all revolved around one component 7 times out of 10 in the last 8 years. Turns out it was the Isolator. When it fails it can manifest itself in numerous ways...all of the above and can takeout the alternator. If you have never changed it do so. If it looks original, dirty scummy old just be proactive and get rid of the thing. New ones are cheap, just be sure it is sized to the amp rating of the alternator or larger.... Just ask me how I know! First question is the alternator putting out?
  15. rsbilledwards

    Flat Tow Tow Bar Choices

    The new Blue OX 7500 is a combination of the original aluminum one and now steel shafts and bushes inside. I acquired one of the original ones and had OX check it in January. I did not leave with it either but with the new one that replaced it. Initially they gave me the 10,000 pound one. The kid politely hauled it out and put it in the tracker for me. When I arrived back at the desert camp site and started to pull it out of the Tracker I would have smashed my fingers had it not been in a box. Yes a loooot of reserve strength for pulling a 3,300 pound Tracker or a 3,200 pound jeep. Needless to say I left it in the car and returned it for the lesser unit and still have double the capacity needed and a 1/3 less weight to jerk around. Yes I could have handled the weight but why, I am already 2 inches shorter than I was 9 years ago after moving all the rock and logs around this house I built, I can barely see over the steering wheel now..😁.