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  1. We have used that section of 10 the last two winters heading east from Colorado. We picked up 10 in San Antonio and took it all the way to Pensacola, Fla., I can not say that it was all that bad. There was some congestion in Louisiana around the Lake Charles area. I am really at heart like you and have a preference for secondary roads but that east Texas area is not conducive to that kind of travel. Les us know what you come up with
  2. I spent a year in Atsugi, Japan at the expense of our government. Yes tried most of it. I taught English during my off hours to a group of middle management execs. It was a real hoot. Saw a part of the culture few foreigners do see. The sushi and sashimi were wonderful. First time, go with someone that knows and that can explain.
  3. Oh there are a myriad of routes to take that could take 3 month to do the trip justice. There are many secrets in Colorado and Utah where ones imagination can run wild seeing Indians on the plains hunting bufflao and other game. The topography can be wildly different around every bend. The ultimate trip for anyone from the East would be to take I 70 to Utah 128 and to Moab and then 191 South to Blanding and up to Hanksville. 24 to 12 into the backside of Brice Canyon and from there a multitude of choices. The length of US 89 and all of the side roads will offer weeks of amazing driving miles. Consider that I have backpacked many many miles in southwest Utah with more than 100 Boy Scouts in the 1980s, Oh how I miss the backcountry.
  4. What do you want to see? What kind of roads do you want to travel, scenic or flat relatively level. If it is gentle to level by all means i 80. It is all easy from St.Louis from Denver. I 80 is a flatlanders paradise but through dry arid country, not so scenic unless it is your first time. Now the other ways. I 70 will have some pretty good passes heading East to West they are pretty gradual for the most part. Steeper side is west headin East both Vail and Eisenhower. After these two it is a pretty gentle heading West. Glenwood Canyon is absolutely worth the drive! Another climb in Utah but no comparison heading to I 15 North to SL. A far prettier drive, cut off at Green River a hundred miles west of Grand Junctions on a diagonal into the Unita National Forest on US 6/191. It is another climb but not steep East to West, steeper the other way. It is an absolutely beautiful drive. Guel up in Denver or Grand Junction off the Horizon exit. It is 500 miles to SL from Denver. Fuel up again in Spanish Fork near I 15 as you head north to SL.. We have traveled these routes for 50 years having grown up in Southern Oregon and live in Denver. I might add too that as you look at the map all the roads intersecting I 80 and US 50 "The Loneliest Highway" a bit south in Utah are definitely worth a serious look! The scenery and topography are amazing and each is very different from the other. There are plenty of places to pull off and spend the night in seclusion as there is very limited traffic, as in nearly none.It is just the wilds of the WEST! It is all dry camping, but you are all self contained making it all the better. None of these roads will challenge your senses or your driving skills but but will your visual from desert to alpine. If you have never been to the West you are in for a huge majestic experience. ENJOY and TAKE YOUR TIME.
  5. First place to start, check the grounds and for loose connections. The dash area is more susceptible to vibrations due to all the wires moving ever so slightly.
  6. look into the sound mitigation used in the building industry when the do theater and music rooms in expensive homes.
  7. Colaw's is great but do not have a lot for newer rigs.I was just there. That said VisionRv, just saw a YOU Tube on them, wow huge place and lots of late stuff. Higher priced to from what I have experienced.
  8. Carl, In that new to you coach? I would call that a real bummer!
  9. Do not tow load up steep inclines in high gear ok on the flatts. Me I AGREE WITH 3/4 TON DIESEL. It gives you room for what you want to live with. Look, salesmen will tell you tanything you want to hear to make the sale. 2 inches low, get a load equalizer hitch an put it where towing vehicle needs to be.
  10. Hey hey on never buy first year out? just ask those guys that bought 6 ltr Ford diesels in 03. Me I bought the last 7.3 ltr wonderful.
  11. Carl, you are close are you going to come up to 8050 ft and be nice and comfortable?
  12. It is just the corporate markup. The reason story given was a sham. Another reference Coach Glass is another big RV glass supplier and seals. The REV group is turning out to be all about the money and rippin us off for the buck, Camping World comes to mind as part of this list with terrible service and over priced merchandise. It is all shopper beware.
  13. I was in the automotive paint and body restoration business for 30 plus years. Today quality materials for an average sized car can exceed $1000. Yes as stated the preparation just getting to the point of let's spray it is the bulk of the labor. It is all time.
  14. ohm resistance of the heating elements is 60. IF that they are good to go. Carl I am going to ck but think that fuse size is to tall. Only have one coach now so have to go to the shop to ck as Panther is now inside...yes!
  15. Yes pictures would be a bg help
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