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  1. You say you checked the fuses, which ones, where, Did you check fuses in the module box under the shift plate. There are 2 in it, 10 screw to access it. How did you check the fuses, by looking at them or with an ohm meter? Just ask me how I know this issue... I spent 100 bucks and less than 10 minutes of a techs time to solve the same issue. I caused the issue changing/cleaning in the battery compartment. Be sure too that there are 2 hot wires connected that service this part of the system.
  2. Are these doors aluminum, inside and outer skin. If so a competent sheet metal shop can make them, if you find the correct sheet aluminum and I can offer that up. Don't ask me how I know. I have made several and additional panels to utilize unused space on a 1999 Safari Panther. Cost from Beaver in Bend was in the stratosphere. I made each for about 250
  3. It couldbe as simple as the tin dish being loose. ask me how I know
  4. I sent you PM on this problem you get to play with b
  5. Do what Brett suggests and then call Dave Atherton 605 999 0720 and have a talk. Great guy, retired CAT/Cummins master trouble shooter. He is the Ask Dave host in the FMCA RV Diesel Club.
  6. Rayin Reality is not always part of the sellers expectation. I do not get the use it up and then try to recoup your overhead without spending a dime mentality. This is a pretty prevalent attitude if one visits A Camping World lot and looks at what is there on consignment, amazing pile of beat up coaches.
  7. you guys make me happy I just installed a new 15K and heat pump in my old Panther last week. Hopefully headed out just after the first of the month to try it out;
  8. Another very quick way to check joint for the initial ck. Be careful it can be very hot...immediately after parking crawl under and check temperature of each joint. Temp should be just warm NOT HOT! if it is hot enough to feel heat radiating you just found the problem. If one is considerably warmer than the other you probably have an issue a brewing. I could elaborate about a $4,000 dollar story "Just ask me How I Know"!!!
  9. Ok, Safari coaches with main slide has similar problems except fluid seeps into outer jacket exhibiting bumps/pimples what ever you want to call it but steady deterioration and eventually small leaks. DITY sure just determine new routing to make it feasible. Materials can be gotten from discounthydraulichose.com 1/4 100R hose is inexpensive and so are "field serviceable" fittings from same source. All you need is a small vice and a couple 9 inch crescent wrenches (adjustable) and a bunch of time. Buy a good hose cutter and you will save a hole lot of money! That job conservatively is worth a couple thousand dollars. righty tighty lefty loosey does not apply to "field serviceable" hose end it goes in backwards and the the nut tying the two together is righty tighty.
  10. That is why I stepped up and bought a 5 year membership for the current rate! errrg!
  11. Yup we will be there, maybe even on time for the big show. Hoped we would be headed that way early this season but some health issues have reared their ugly heads. I just made it another year older and someone must have flipped the wrong switch. This is a totally new experience and someone else more experienced should be dealing with it. I have not had any issues until two weeks go other than joint deterioration. Yes Carl, Boondockin is Grrrreat as Tony say!! No the FMCA does not do a "sanctioned" event as a rule. That said there are countless sub clubs and groups that do have events all over the surrounding desert and tens of thousands purportedly participate likely as the beginning of the winter RV season. It is a very interesting experience to say the very least. We happen to enjoy the desert and there are 10 of thousands of acres to experience. The geology is fascinating and hundreds of miles of bike, jeep, and ATV trails for all skill levels. Services are adequate but come prepared to wait if you are short arriving for the first 10 days. If you want to be close in to town, be prepared in advance to have a place selected and to pay. This is a small town and with a small town attitude that puts up with the influx. It is their sole income season and it lasts about 2 months It is not a foodie destination in the slightest but some pretty good home style cookin can be found and enjoyed if one is patient...no one is in a hurry.
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