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  1. 6V Battery Recommendation

    My bad..My apologies [.I failed to answer the time question...I would fully expect the Crowns or Trojans to last 8 to ten years assuming the charging system is working correctly. This is going to depend on the Inverter/charger and its charge settings. I switched my inverter to MAGNUM in order to get a charging cycle as recomended bythe manufacturer. The original Xantrex was not easily changed nor was Xantrex willing to help with oit a lot of back and forth. It takes effort to have them ;last like this expectation. but I have time and am as yet unwilling to spend for the AGMs. I think the technology will improve and we are still on the front end of the curve. Just sayin...
  2. 6V Battery Recommendation

    Currently the best on the market are U.S. Built Crown. I have used several sets of Crown 260s in solar installations including my own. A hot second would be Trojan 105s. Beyond that it is anyones guess. In the case of house batteries weight is you friend= power.
  3. Oil Drain Valve for Onan Generators

    Guess that answers my long unasked question and a pair on them sitting in the tool box. When I got them my feeling exactly. Thank you for asking the question and J for answering
  4. new to RVs this year hope to be on the road soon

    Good, Welcome to the Forum, the country is your oyster and is absolutely full of surprises.
  5. Shurflo water pump

    Roger, Hard one to answer since we have no info on the coach, type, year and so forth. What is more we are not parts guys where the part number would mean something. That said the pumps are pretty generic and for the most part are very interchangeable. Fittings are the same in most coaches and with minor changes other pumps can be installed very easily. The pump information about it's input requirements and out put requirements are on the label unless it is missing could be perhaps of some help. There are much better pimps out there that supply much better water flow, GPM. Otherwise take it out and go to a n RV supply house like Camping World and proccure one, at least use that trip to identify that it is either an unusual model or that infact the current designs is useable as the fittings across the units are very universal. Then I would go home and get on the net and find it for less money on Amazon. You could Google it and maybe find it for even less. Either way look for free shipping so your costs are held to a minimum. Hope this helps, but take some time and complete yout signature with info about your coach so we all know how to be more precise. Note below mine B
  6. Solar panels

    The way to check simply is to climb up top, the panels should have a connector on them. Disconnect and with a volt meter, rake each lead one on one wire and the other lead on the other wire. You shold get a reading of something. Now you know with nothing in between what the out put is. Now you need to find the charge controller. Same procedure on the out put as described for the panels. There will only be two poins out. Look and see if the are a couple loose wires in the battery compartment not hooked up maybe it is as simple as that.
  7. Monarch Pass - Hwy 50

    Take 160 it is a beautiful drive and I just was there a week ago with a 43 foot Panther towing a loaded 24 foot Featherlite trailer. 42 MPH most of the way up with 7,800 pounds following. It is not the pass it was 30 years ago or even ten...
  8. RV Headlights plus others

    The differences in price can easily be explained to some degree. All of thes after market units are being produced in Tiawan and some are better in fit and finis than others. By being in the collision business one would know the better from not so. But as long as they do the job....Shop SHop Shop for the best price. Yes once you kano where they came from a piece of cake, not always. Try as well B
  9. We have Progressive.... may be overpriced?

    Call Miller Insurance, they advertise on the front forum page...great folks and a great job... Yes I think you maybe but as Carl says need more infol Hey what do we know, no matter we are just guessing anyway... B

    On my units torque is 70 INCH pounds not very much. Do not tighten one all the way. Spread the force gently all around.

    Carl, Your coach has a sway/lean in the long highway curves or leans when you make a curve, not a 90 in city traffic??? There is a solution. My Panther leaned a lot particularly in long turns and more so if a little to fast shortly after entry. Source Engineering makes a restrictor valve to install each bag that reduces the sway and lean appreciably. B
  12. Roadside Assistance

    I am at the moment tied into CoachNet. I had a problem with the Powerstroke Ford and the same sort of thing...only to nearest qualified shop...friday Pm late, Ford dealer closed till Monday. They would not tow to my shop in Denver. Will leave them and re-evaluate GS and AAA. I now again have AAA on the small cars and have been a member of AAA for years. I added the coach to them at one point and when i got home discovered they did not switch me to program that would also include my trailer...WHAT...that is when I went with CoachNet...mistake tooo. Alll the fine print easy to miss the details.
  13. Tankless water heater parallel to Aquahot

    Joe, how much space does it take up, dimensions please, power requirements? B
  14. Solar Goal Adequate?

    I looked at the information in the preceding email. There is a lot there and a lot that does not pertain to us in the RV world. There is plenty to clutter your perception. Some of the gear there and recommended, is questionable in terms of the charging cycle according to Bob's site. Bob is a retired electrical engineer that sells little with no fiducary interest and gives away the information so we can make an informed decision. This site is selling componetry and subsequenly steers the conversation in a benificial direction. The first part of the equasion is to read and understand the "charging puzzle". Then you can move on from there.
  15. Solar Goal Adequate?

    The first thing you should have done is visit for your lessons on solar 101/ 102/103 for what really works and what does not. For how to run you system efficiently and to get the maximum from it. A meter is vital to you knowing what is in you batteries for use and what is going into them during recharging for starters. You need to know almost as much as the installers do because many of them are selling no charge systems because they do not know as much as they think they do. B