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  1. Pete, welcome lots of info here and the only dumb question is the one you did not ask LIkely a contaminated system. There should be a screen filter at the pump. I would check that first off and see if it is contaminated. Others here will have a better blow by blow how to resolve the issue. Most of the pumps are pretty robust and will run for a long time.
  2. rsbilledwards

    use of front bra cover

    yes no problem Just remove if it is wet underneath and the sun is out. If the sun hits it and it gets hot the super heated moisture will permeate the clearcoat and fog it. Dry the bra and reinstall. Where did you order from as I wish to order one for my Panther Thanks B
  3. rsbilledwards

    GFCI Outlet No Power

    Oh boy sounds familiar....check the battery isolator it is a common culprit making multiple alternators look bad when they are not and when in fact it is the Isolator! Keep us posted. Just ask me how I know
  4. rsbilledwards

    Keeping Mice Out Of Motorhome

    I have used the Peppermint oil as well but have found if it is plugged in the the sonic units work the best. One in the basement and if they get past that a couple top side eliminates their desire to inhabit your home. i live in the high country of Colorado where they are prevalent and have not see a trace since adding the sonic units bought from Amazon. I use them in the garage since it is the main access to our home and none in the house any more either.
  5. rsbilledwards

    12v Flourescent lighting upgrade

    Cabin Bright is certainly a good choice and quality stuff. Yes I am familiar with them was not at the time I was doing all the conversions.
  6. rsbilledwards


    After thinking about the question it appears she wants to install a receptacle ie. a duplex on the passenger side of the coach and wants to know where to pull (get) the power from. But as usual she has not been back to clarify, maybe even look. Not all that difficult as there are or is at least one or should be a receptacle in the basement. Where ever the power comes from it needs to be downstream of a GFCI. The other question that begs an answer it it 120 volt or 12 volt. If it is 12 volt there is no GFCI involved and that power is all over the place. The other consideration should be how big is the draw or said another way what kind of use is this duplex going to be servicing. Another thing that would help is to know the model of the 2002 Monaco coach.
  7. rsbilledwards

    12v Flourescent lighting upgrade

    You guys certainly are a lot smarter than I am on this score. I went down to HD and bought a nice LED fixture and installed it after removing the old florescent fixture, seems like it was 80 bucks...what is wrong with this picture. 😩
  8. rsbilledwards

    And so it begins.....Hybernation

    I want out here, snow on the ground and I am on top of a tall ridge in Colorado...can not go til Jan. Rayin, Keep the faith, God bless you both. B
  9. rsbilledwards

    RV storage doors

    Most body shop supply houses sell different structural epoxy adhesives today. They are common in the world of body assembly. Many panels are now glued as opposed to spot welded.
  10. rsbilledwards

    What size truck?

    My F350 7.3 Super Duty which I ordered and ordered with 4.10 diff, I am not sure I would do that again probably go taller as it is effortless pulling away but the top end suffers drastically. I am not a polky guy unloaded and at times wish it had longer legs that 92....I knoooow but a lot of open real estate heading west that the 1 ton Dodge I had prior would just chew up. I am not a Dodge guy but that truck would really haul/fly.
  11. rsbilledwards

    Something to avoid

    And they VOTE.
  12. rsbilledwards

    AC, R12

    I found another bottle of R12 Freon that contains about 20 pounds of virgin Freon. It was packed in a container I had not opened for quite a while. If anyone need it, it is available.
  13. rsbilledwards

    Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    Good one Herman
  14. rsbilledwards

    Coolant in the oil

    Pressure test the entire cooling system in order to find where the coolant is entering the oiling system. You know the oil cooler is fine. The coolant system is not. It could be a number of places. Apparently you need a real mechanic...just sayin...maybe What you learned from the oil cooler check is that it is not your issue...
  15. rsbilledwards

    Monaco Cayman [2003] Bedroom Slide Out Leaking

    The first rule here is do not, I repeat do not trust the folks that tell you it is all sealed up. You need to look more closely. I can see several places that look suspicious. Sorry with out really looking at it hard to be sure. I have a friend that bought a coach fully sealed and in a couple rains in the Pacific Northwest filled the grey water tank through the shower drain. You need to educate yourself as to the issue, to solve the issue. cleanseal.com another source for seals. Fleetwood does not own monaco name REV does