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  1. Agreed service interval. Valves are not complicated, at least what is on my Panther. Take them out and blow them clean. It may be the solenoid needs replacing or the point filed if serviceable at all.
  2. Come on Herman Can't we just throw darts. Just kidding, yes we need more info. It would be great if you put it under your name in your signature section and each time you have a question we would not ask for it again. Welcome to the forum.
  3. Hate to discourage you but the real mystery will be what it does to your wallet down the road. Fun for a while till you over do it and it will happen...it is intoxicating for sure...
  4. Beings as RVA is technically dead bought by someone in Oregon maybe Brazzel's RV can you pass on the contact info. Thanks Lucky you being only the relay.
  5. B, By the By I believe colawrv.com in Carthage Missouri has what you will be looking for. ASK for Josh,
  6. B, Yes, if it is on a Magnum Chassis. Problem is whether Magnum or what Ever Monaco began using after the merger. On the magnum chassis and HVA JII the front slide only was hydraulic and the bedroom was electric. By your indications both slides are hydraulic?" On the front slide on my SMC Panther behind the front left wheel is the Wrench end of the drive gear shaft that guides tha rolls the slide in and out via the hyd ram located in the center. In order to roll the slide back in with a long handled rachet one must first loosen the hydraulic lines at the ram, probably the easiest. It can also be done over at the pump and manifold area and maybe best there. They must be tightened back up to operate the system once the pump is fixed. Once loosened when the shaft is rotated the hydraulic pressure in the lines will dribble out and offer no resistance to you closing the slide manually with a LONG HANDELED RACHET>. You need leverage and patience. Lastly the slide is not going to stay where you put it since there is no hydraulic pressure. You need some, a pair of larger ratchet straps to hold it in tight. Which hoses do you remove or loosen at the pump you probably ask. Where ever the pump and MANIFOLDs are...there are two manifolds one with the T handles you found to retract the jacks, the other is close by is also aluminum but only two valves no T handles. you will have to determine which are the long hoses to the slide. Not difficult the other hoses are short and easily determined. As for the rear slide if hydraulic maybe similar, Manifold may be 4 instead of 2. In either case look for the longer hoses going in either direction.
  7. Buy a coach with a bigger power plant than a 6 liter engine and agree with the foregoing two. There is no substitute for cubic inches especially in a diesel!
  8. I could not agree more! Call Dave Atherton in Quartzsite Arizona the Diesel club CAT guru for some free diagnostic help. Great guy 605 999 7200
  9. Ray, IT happens and as the days go by more frequently it seems. b
  10. Don't worry about snow loads here as they have become quite light over the last 15-20 years. Might have a couple heavier snows in Nov or December beyond that March and April are the snowiest for accumulation on this side of the mtns. Me I would pull the slides in for the few hours the snow is projected for and then reopen. The least insulated are the slide's roofs and end walls. This way no cooling coolant sitting on the roof or wear and tear to the toppers. No not me making the peanut suggestion but a good one. I do not have toppers on my rig so would not think that way. You might add your coach info as the supplied info will be more accurate.
  11. Ray The title line says LONGMONT, COLORADO and I am in Evergreen and sorry cannot help. What coach do you have and what is the problem?
  12. Percistance always pays big dividends, good job, nice when a plan come together.
  13. In answering this question I would visit Handybobsolar.com for your answer. Me I think there are several better contollers out there than ZAMP . Let us know how you go.
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