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  1. New 2017 Entegra Aspire owner here with Winegard Direct TV Trav'ler sat and Genie DVR. Is there a way to access Netflix through the sat? Looking for a way to get to Netflix without using my cellular data. Though I have a new Unlimited Verizon plan,they crunch speeds after 22 GB which is easy to use up watching any TV content. Thanks!
  2. We are moving up from a fiver to a coach soon and am in negotiations (oh happy days) with several dealers, a few of which are located in Florida. The Florida dealers are telling me that since extended service warranties are "regulated" by the state, the costs of such warranties they quote are set by the state as well as the other terms and conditions and that these costs are the same from dealer to dealer…and that the price is non-negotiable. This sounds a little hokie to me since any extended warranty I have ever purchased on a vehicle or appliance has been negotiated. They are high profit items for the sellers but I have never paid quoted price (usually a minimum of 50% off). After some googling, I discovered that warranties are regulated by Florida's Department of Insurance in that the warranty companies must be licensed and prove they are following accepted business practices, thus keeping fly by night groups out of their state. But their website explicitly states that "rates are not filed nor approved by the Office of Insurance". A spokesman I talked to said that the cost of extended warranties is as negotiable as the price of the coach. I sent an email to Florida's Attorney General for additional clarification but it's been too soon to hear back. So it has been suggested I put this out of this forum for feedback. Florida dealers are either part of some vast conspiracy or there is something to what they are telling me…although I cannot find anything to verify their stories. So…...
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