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  1. Thank you all for your help. Exactly what I was looking for. I had noticed on the map the scenic highways and wanted to know if negotiable in my rv. Sounds encouraging enough to give a try. Was not looking for the quickest or shortest route. I apologize for not making that clearer. Thanks for the info and help. I really appreciate the help from this forum.
  2. Traveling in Tiffin Class A 36 footer and towing. Would like to know feasibility of traveling from Artesia over to Alamogordo on US 82, then N. on US 70 before turning W on US 380 to Socorro before turning North on I-25. Thanks.
  3. Herman and all, I discovered that my water filter housing wrench will fit the sewer fittings perfectly. Plan on getting another one or two and using them. Also, thanks, Paul, for the Magic Lube suggestion. Between the two of these, I'm sure I'll never have this problem again. Glad to see others saw this and found help as well. Getting old is "****", but appreciative of the time here. Thanks to all.
  4. Good suggestions. Thanks. I'll see if one of them might work for me.
  5. Arthur-itis sometimes makes it difficult to connect/disconnect my sewer hoses to each other. Twisting those nipples into the slots, then untwisting is most difficult at times. I keep a little white grease on those connections, but still have problems. Anyone have a solution you've tried with success. I thought an adjustable oil filter wrench might work, but not an ideal solution for several reasons. Thanks for any help. Marc
  6. Tremendous improvement. Thanks for the great looking format.
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