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  1. I guess that silence we hear is Subaru's way of telling us how important RV towing is to them, or, for that matter, how important we in the RV community are to them. I am disappointed, not only that Subarus apparently suddenly became untowable, but even more so at the lack, or so it seems, of a response.
  2. Well actually I am trying to replace a 1998(!) CRV, manual trans, that has reached the "I'm not sure if .." point. Add to that that no one in my family likes an automatic transmission, its gets hairy :-)
  3. I did the initial post on this topic hoping for a definitive answer, and really appreciate the efforts made here to help. But the length of time awaiting a response is in itself suggestive, ( Subaru’s corporate office is researching the matter, really?!) and add in the continuing inability of my dealer to get a straight answer from Subaru, leaves me with the unhappy decision to move on - the Subaru impressed me, hard to do with a diehard Honda guy (since 1976), but lack of clarity on towing zeroes it for consideration. I do hope for the RV community that the eventual answer from the bean counters at Subaru is "yes" ( and I do feel this whole deal is more 'lawyer' than 'mechanic'). But for now let me hurry to my Honda dealer before Honda changes it's mind about the HR-V. edit: no blame on the FMCA, they can only report what they receive.
  4. Motorhome magazine's guide removed all Subaru models from their list, but, I'm told, FMCA still says 2016 models, manual transmission, are towable. The owner's manual no longer mentions RV towing. Yes, I hear folks are towing them successfully, but I'd like to know where Subaru corporate stands on this.
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