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  1. With an 89 Airstream & a 79 Revcon, I don't believe either is equipped with built-in desulfators. Still would like to know if there is a preferred brand.
  2. Has anyone tried a desulfator for their coach batteries? Do they work? Is there a preferred brand?
  3. Realize this is a 2 yr old post, but felt an update was needed. Discovered Castrol LMA (Low Moisture Absorption) Brake Fluid lots of years ago. With my limo company, standard practice is a brake fluid flush every 2 years using Castrol LMA. In addition to the LMA properties, it also has a higher boiling point. As far as master cylinder rebuilds, NAPA generally inventories the rubber pucks. A quick brake hone of the cylinder bore & replacement of the rubber & spring(s), followed by a bench bleed & refitting and your master cylinder is ready to give you trouble-free service for many more miles.
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