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  1. I am a non-RVer...don't know how to drive one, don't know how to maintain one. Through a recent death in the family, I am suddenly responsible for a Monaco Diplomat. with a Cummins diesel engine. My first goal is simply to find out what kind of maintenance needs to be done (monthly or otherwise). If anybody lives in Virginia, that would be super helpful, as that is where the RV is currently garaged.
  2. ADM here. Retired 1985 USS Tang (SS563) 1954-1956 USS Nautilus (SSN571) 1957-1960 USS Ethan Allen (SSBN608) 1960-1964 USS Pargo (SSN650) 1966-1969 COMSUBDIV 101/102 1969-1971 COMSUNRON 16 (1972-1974 COMSUBGRU TWO 1974-1976 COMSUBLANT 1980-1983 Charlottesville, VA
  3. I have been using Tire Sentry for a tire monitor and am unhappy with its reliability, i.e. units keep failing. Can anyone recommend a really reliable monitor for all 10 tires that does not require installation inside the tire. Thanks
  4. I have a 2008 Monaco Diplomat (single-piece windshield). Recently started having small rainwater leaks on both the driver and passenger sides. Anyone have any information on exactly how all of the rubber pieces fit together so I can figure out precisely where to put the sealant? (I have been told to use black urethane.)
  5. I had the same problem with a v-10 on a Winnebago. Turned out it was water ingestion from the rain into the air intake which faced down. They cured it by running a large flex hose from the intake to the very top on the engine compartment
  6. 1. Steve White 2. USN 3. 33 years. 1952-1985 4. Seaman Recruit to O-10 5. Mostly nuclear submarine duty; Division Officer, Department Head, XO, CO, Division Commander, Squadron Commander, Flotilla Commander, Submarine Force Commander 6. Sorry, submariners usually can't talk about where we went and what we did BTW, all seven of my children were either in the navy or married to a navy man.
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