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  1. I respect your experience and advice Erniee. Do you have a manufacturer that you recommend for the engineered flooring? Thanks, Renee
  2. We will not be using the porcelain tile. Too much weight going down the road, twisting and turning. We'll save that for our next stick home. Thank you wolfe10. This is an excellent option.
  3. I've double checked on the weight Carl and we are below the GVWR. The tile cracking is a another concern. How did your tiles crack Blake? Were they all in the same area or different locations throughout? Were they original to your coach? Thanks, Renee
  4. Cummins 350 engine on a Freightliner chassis
  5. I'm doing some homework before we change the flooring in our 2008 Winnebago Journey 39Z. We want to replace the carpet and peel & stick vinyl squares from the front of the coach throughout, including the kitchen and bathroom (carpet to be replaced in the bedroom and on the slides later). Other threads on this topic are mostly with carpet, linoleum, and manufactured floating floors, not tile. We found a porcelain tile we are considering and have a few questions: What should the maximum thickness of the tile be? Is using synthetic grout a good idea? Will our slide work properly coming over the areas we would like to tile without damage to the coach or flooring? Should we use a runner rug under the slide when pulling in the slide to protect the new flooring? Is the extra weight an issue for this coach?
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