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  1. It's good to know that GM is taking an interest in our towing habits. I tow a 2007 chevy pickup 1500 crew cab 4 wheel drive. I tow 6000 to 8000 miles a year total miles on truck is 63000 miles looking at the new GMC trucks for 2014 time between stops four hours stop periods of 10 min to 30min cruising speed between 60 and 70 mph we use a rock shield It is attached to the base plate.
  2. The burner is fine and clean, no rust flakes. I have been checking it out the last two day's. Running fine on gas now. It is in the slide out so no roof vent, two fans both working fine. I haven't found a reason for it to stop cooling. We were parked in a flat spot on cement.
  3. How ever did you get the old frig out and the new one in the coach? I have a Monaco and your Country Coach door is no larger than mine. The only way that I figure, is out through the window?
  4. This last weekend my frig failed. Lucky we had friends with us and they took our food. We were dry camped so frig was on gas,and it just got hotter and hotter. I came home and plugged it into 120v and it worked fine. Is that recall just for the gas? or gas and electricity?
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