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  1. We tow a 2010 GMC Terrain. If you pull Fuse #32 as explained in the instructions, the dash goes dark and miles do not accumulate. If you leave the fuse in, the dash continues to operate and miles DO accumulate.
  2. We are towing a 2010 GMC Terrain. Ours is the 6 cyl. model with all wheel drive. We've just had the car for a couple of months, but so far we are very pleased with it as a toad. It can be towed 4-down. You put the key in the 'accessory' position, the transmission in neutral, pull fuse #32 (inside fuse box, on the passenger side of the center console behind a cover) and you're all set to go. Very simple. We've also learned a couple of interesting lessons. After my wonderful, helpful bride dropped the fuse down into the bowels of the car, I purchased one of those fuse switches so we can turn off the circuit without having to physically pull the fuse. Works great and makes it a very simple process. The other interesting thing was coming up with a power source for the Brake Buddy. There are 4 12v power ports in the Terrain. One in the center console ahead of the shifter. One down inside the center console where the USB port is located. A third is located on the back side of the center console where it is accessible from the back seats. The 4th is on the DS side wall near the rear hatch. All 4 ports have power with the key in the ACC position. However, when you pull fuse #32, as per the towing instructions in the owner's manual, the power to all the power ports EXCEPT the one by the back hatch goes away. Of course, the BB power cord won't reach that far back and 99% of the 12v extension cords our there only have about a 5 amp limit, while the BB needs at least 15 amps to run the air pump. We ordered a 'battery direct' kit from BB and installed it under the dash, giving us direct-from-the-battery 12v power that is not connected to the ignition. Works like a charm. I suppose that those of you who are handy could make one up out of parts, but the BB version was pretty inexpensive. We're using a Roadmaster base plate. There wasn't one available when we first got the car this past spring, but it is now available. They were on back-order for a while, but I believe the order has been cleared. We are using the Sterling All-Terrain tow bar. Anyway....bottom line is that we are VERY satisfied with the Terrain as a tow vehicle, now that we have it configured to do the job. Bill
  3. Drove to San Diego from San Antonio this past August...a couple of suggestions to get you started: - Casa Grande, AZ - Palm Creek RV Resort (off I-10 just north of I-8) This is a large modern RV resort - some park models - lots of snowbirds - if all you're looking for is an overnight, they have an area of paved pull-throughs for folks who are just passing through - so you don't need to unhook. Full hookups, clean, cable, I didn't try the WiFi, but got a good signal on my Verizon aircard. The office closes at 5, but the folks at the gate can take care of getting you in. - Van Horn, TX (east of El Paso on I-10): Van Horn KOA Nothing fancy - but a very clean, functional KOA. All gravel pull-throughs with full hookups. About 1 mile off the interstate, so it is very quiet. It worked great for me for an overnight stop. I agree with the suggestions to check rvparkreviews.com and the Big Rig Best Bets book. Have fun!
  4. We have been VERY pleased with the service at Temecula Valley RV. More info at: http://www.temeculavalleyrv.com
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