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  1. Wow! I haven't seen this mentioned on other forums. We have an old 2001 RX300 that we bought new and has been a good toad. We were planning on getting a new CRV until I read this. What a bummer. Looks like I am going to hold on to the old girl a while longer.
  2. I don't think these type filters are made to take apart and replace the element. I replace the whole thing. There are online Cat dealers but you have to get ID and PW to search for parts or to call in. I went to fram.com and searched under applications for a Cat 3126 C7 engine (Didn't know your engine model) Other forums indicated the 3126 had the pn you listed. So the search brought up Fram Part CA9499. Click on it and you can see the spec dimensions and compare it to yours. You can also put in your engine model if it is not a 3126. The application search at Fram also reveals all the competitor part numbers I purchase most of my filters from filterbarn.com but they don't have everything. Local NAPA can probably get your filters once you have a selection of Part numbers. Tom
  3. A few months ago We purchased our first MH that we bought from a local dealer. We looked at a lot of MH's and finally decided on an older diesel. I was very nervous purchasing something this old (98 Endeavor). But it had everything we wanted. I was impressed with the quality of this old rig with the 275 Cummins, MD3060 6 speed Allison, gelcoat, tile floors, freightliner chassis, 7500 Onan Diesel Gen. The ride is smooth and quiet. My last trip was 3000 mile with a low end mileage of 10.2 and a high of 11.6 while towing a 4000 lb toad. I am very satisfied. One of my requirments for buying was having enough money left to install a 20 x 41 cover right beside our house. We have already used it for lodging when we had too much company. So it acts as a room addition when necessary. Other things I looked for in MH was servicing. It is easier to change my MH oil and filter than my truck or car. Love to work on it.
  4. Already checked it. My back tires are over 5 years so I will start looking for replacements. My front are good but they are WANLI tires. After checking on the internet Wanli tires are getting a good review. The steering is great and smooth. Signed up for three years of Coach Net just in case. Speed will be 60-65 on cruise control. Thanks for the input.
  5. Thanks for the info about the manual. A forum member on another forum said they had a pdf file and is sending it to me. I am now on a shakedown trip and I am finding this to be a fine unit. I will make the majority of the repairs. So far minor. I may need some of my windows replaced but they do that about 15 minutes from home in Hudson Fl. So no problem there. I found a Cummins site that shows a complete breakdown of the Engine components. The engine computer is shown as mounted on the passenger side of the engine. I find this a little strange but it seem to work, Mystery solved. Thanks again for your input. Tom
  6. My trailer had an EDPM roof by Dicor. For years Dicor recommended Dawn Dishwashing Soap so that is what I did. Now they have a roof cleaner. Don't scrub too hard or it could hurt the roof. No bleaches!! Better to leave stains on rather than scrub too hard. Doing nothing is better than harsh soaps. When done you can coat with 303- Aerospace Protectant. No petroleum additives in this product. Also good for all rubber including tires.
  7. Freightliner calls it the VDC, Vehicle Data Computer, and states for HR it is located in the right rear compartment.roof, under black cover. I cannot find it at that location. Nothing there. Other builder locations are close to the engine comp. Cummins refers to it as the ECM or Electronic Control Module. The reason I want to get into it is.... at about 33000 miles the speedometer was broken and I believe the Computer was replaced but a complete printout was run on the engine which I have. According to Freightliner procedures when the computer is replaced to correct a problem such as speedometer they are required to annotate reason of change in the computer, I assume the cover.........I would like to have that information. Any help appreciated. Thanks for the welcome
  8. Just bought a 1998 Endeavor DP a couple of months ago, trading in my Montana trailer. I have spent a lot of time searching for data including, including forum and Internet searching. I purchased a manual for the MD3060 Tranny and a '98 version of the ISB275 engine. I finally got on accessfreightliner.com, which has a wealth of info and part numbers. An operator manual did not come with the unit even though I have a box full of stuff. I called Holiday Rambler and they are trying to get me one, but it looks pretty bad. Does anyone have an Operator Manual for a 98-01 Endeavor diesel pusher that I could prchase, or do you know where I could buy one? Also, I cannot locate the computer for this unit. Where is it? Would appreciate some help.
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