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  1. Let us know how you tow with your Ford. I had the dipstick replaced also just two weeks ago and will be towing it for two hours Labor Day weekend. We are on our second transmission. I have a great service manager here in Florida who worked very well with me. I get hysterical just thinking that this can happen again. I bought this car for my retirement and don't want to trade it in for something that I don't want. We researched getting a tow vehicle very heavily and didn't like anything close to the Ford. We were looking for comfort , since my husband is 6foot 4 inches tall, and also an automatic transmission. We owned a 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser and loved towing that car on all four wheels. We refuse to use a tow dolly. Good luck with your maiden voyage. Let us know please.
  2. Since you are on your fourth transmission and I am "only" on my second transmission, are you going to try the Lemon Law? Iget hysterical just thinking about the next time we tow and having the transmission go out. Have you spoken to any service managers and asked them what Ford intends to do about this? I think it is false advertising on Ford's part saying that we can tow the 6 cylinder, front wheel drive automatic on all fours. We bought ours on May 7, 2009 and towed it on its maiden voyage on June10 and got three hours down the road and the transmission blew up. I don't want this to happen again, so I spoke with the service manager where I had bought the car and he said the dipstick was the wrong one. We had the new one installed and the proper levels checked out. Have you had your dipstick checked? What does Ford have to say about it? Is there a "higher-up" person from the Ford company that we can contact? Customer service just isn't doing the job. Let us know what you guys have done please. Thank you!
  3. [i just read Motorhome magazine and it indicates that the Escape with automatic is not towable. Joe Tucson, AZ Just to let you know, the 2009 Ford Escape, 6 cylinder, automatic transmission IS towable with four wheels down in the neutral position. This is the reason that we bought the car. We DID have problems with the maiden voyage of the Escape on June 10. We towed it for three hours and stopped to start it at a rest stop.,.It wouldn't start. Transmission blew out. We had it towed to Wayne Morris Ford in Perry, Georgia for a new transmission. Twelve days later and we got our car back. Ford gave us a rental so that we could be on our way to our destination for our vacation. Will it happen again???? Sure.....the customer assistance at Ford said that there have been MANY transmission blow outs on this vehicle and they are aware of the problem. I am taking this matter to my Ford salespeople along with many comments and incidences of transmission problems on this vehicle. I want to be assured that this will not happen again. I love this car, and false advertising by the Ford company won't make it with me. Just thought you should know. :-)
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