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  1. We purchased a 2011 Escape a year ago April for the purpose of towing it 4 wheels down based on Ford's information. We religiously followed the towing guidlines in the owner's manual. By July, the transmission had "burned up" twice (with just over 2,000 miles on the Escape). The transmission got so hot that the transmission fluid boiled away and the transmission was destroyed. Ford did cover the transmission replacement for both occurances, however did not offer any assurance that they had solved any problems with their transmission design. On a third occasion we found the fluid level one quart low. It was clear to us that this was not a vehicle that could be succesfully flat towed. Long story short, we tried to get Ford to take the Escape back. Lemon law failed, Ford initially refused, however, with the engagement of a law firm we were eventually able to get Ford to buy the Escape back. Of course we lost the investment of setting it up to tow. John Wenatchee WA FMCA #F264170 2002 Coachmen SportsCoach 2003 Tahoe (now)
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