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    Workhorse Forum

    Guess I'm behind.....where are all the forums that used to be on this site?
  2. Testing also........starting the RV season and once again longing for a trade up from 36 ft to 40+. My Coachman FWS has many add-ons in the interior.........it's very pretty. Wish I could fall into the "trade of a lifetime". Alpine? Entegra? Winnebago Tour? Everyone enjoy the season!
  3. I'm sure you already thought of this, but, I had a similar problem.....my ABS light came on. Had it thoroughly checked at LazyDays, they said, nothing wrong with the electrical in the coach. The problem was the blue coiled electric wires going from rig to car....causing a major short. Sure enough, I took the coil ends apart and there was the culprit. About 3 wires had been pulled from the tiny screws. I, too, have the 6 pin. Looked on the internet for a configuration of the wiring for the 6 pin.....found on YouTube I think. Searched Blue Ox 6 pin schematic.....came right up. Maybe this would help. Biggest problem.....little tiny screws were missing.....impossible to find. Had to order from China!! They are #1 or #2 screws. No one sells them.
  4. One of my favorite things to do is lie on the sofa, close my eyes, and recreate a trip....the miles, the feel of the road, the terrain, the people I see and meet along the way. I started in 2007, no sense pretending my memory is that sharp....so, I'll begin with the most recent..my Labor Day trip to the northeast Georgia mountains to visit an old elementary school friend and her husband. For this venture I invited another school friend to join me. Can you imagine three girls who have known each other since kindergarten! This immediately changes the category to family, not just friends....I knew it would be crazy fun. Her husband is a peach and emailed me a new route. He starts, "I know you are a seasoned traveler, but here are some suggestions". Listen, if you can't take some good advice, then you deserve to be stuck in traffic in Atlanta, bogged down with construction or anything else that you might have encountered. Route 75 N to 285 W around Atlanta (avoid 675), on to 575 (branches right) and becomes 515. Takes you nicely into Blairsville, Georgia. Good road all the way. About a 10 hr drive for a normal person. Hey, what's the rush.....it takes me almost that long to get bread and milk! Rivers Edge RV Park.....privately owned lots......it is a slice of heaven in the mountains. I was greeted with crepe myrtles,hummingbirds and a babbling brook! What more could you ask for. Check it out....better yet, take a trip up there. The laughing began.....and one of us doesn't even drink! The challenge was to name every nun we had from K-8. So many stories...turns out the one lay teacher that I emulated, my friends hated! Who knew.... Ever hear of Brasstown Bald? Booger Hollow? You gotta luv NE Georgia...... Now for the best part.....the Appalachian Trail - all 2100 miles from Georgia to Maine. First thought, we should all put this experience on our bucket list...........but wait, first read A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson. My side hurts from laughing... Stay tuned!
  5. I asked myself, can a recently retired mathematics instructor of 45 years ever be able to write of her travels, to entice others to explore, and not put everyone to sleep! After reading another blog entry here, "Adding Purpose to Your RV Travel," I decided to give it a try, stretch my skills and hope for the best. At the very least, someone will correct my grammar, punctuation and run-on sentences! In 2007 I bought a new 36-foot Coachman Aurora with a full-wall slide (which are quite common now). At 61, my wanderlust had grown to the capacity of an 8-month pregnant pickle/ice cream craving mother. Lazydays in Tampa was the location of my driving school. The instructor saw me get out of a BMW Z4 and asked how comfortable was I making the transition to a Class A coach? My answer ... I'll get used to it. I have to see the country, and that's all there is to it! Seven years later -- which included 43,000 miles and five trips around the good 'ol USA -- and I'm just getting started! Stay tuned ....
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