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  1. Thanks everyone, I'll give it a try and contact mfg Monday.
  2. RVComfort.2Z Thermostat stuck on Zone 1.....39 degrees in NC mts last night. Any help would be appreciated. I have killed the main power thinking maybe it would reset but no luck. No phone service on mt to contact mfg. wmatthews@sc.rr.com Thank you
  3. Herman, have read many of your comments and everytime you make a short, simple, common since approach that see s to work. Thank you Smoke Matthews Chapin, SC
  4. I was told to unscrew the metal latch--stationary part and put a piece of cardboard or rubber behind the metal latch cut the same size. This lets the push in part of the latch close tighter and hold when locked. I still push on each door latch and hear it "click" before locking. Have not had any more doors open--I hope this helps.
  5. Thanks everyone. Calling Fleetwood and giving them the last 6 digits of VIN # probably best option and getting bids from someone that knows what they are doing. Thanks again, first RV & Love It. Smoke from South Carolina
  6. 2002 Fleetwood Revolution J60452--Want to install larger TV in front of Bedroom Window. How far/deep can you attach fastener to walls or ceiling safely..not sure I can find stud. Any help appreciated SmokeNew2RV & FMCA
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