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  1. We own a 1999 Tradewinds National Class A. Our reservoir for the hydraulic fluid on our levelers fell off! We need a part number in order to find another one. Could someone please send us a picture and/or a part number so we can start researching where to get it?
  2. Yes ****, We have a 1999 National Tradewinds. It is an orphan make. The fuse panel installed does not match the schematic in the paperwork packet. When the slide out balked the first time I left it in for a week while a new expensive relay was en route from Amazon. When I had changed out the relay, I still got no result until I put in a 20a fuse in an empty spot that corresponded well to the diagram I had. That brings the story up to the present whereupon it works when it works and it blows fuses often. (Everything on the relay cluster is marked 20a and the motor people at Power Gear say the motor I have should draw only 16 amps. It is a 13-1090.)
  3. I'm Prepared to look at the wires to the limit switch as per last suggestion. My main headache is where to start looking. Anybody have photos or drawings and diagrams? All I have identified from the underside is the motor and gearbox. There are two wires going to that assembly. They are sound. They don't move because they are on the coach side not the slideout side of things.
  4. Do you check the oil dipstick on a diesel engine with the engine cold or warm?
  5. I have blown about ten fuses (20amp) moving my slide-out in and out. Yesterday I watched the fuse panel and the fuse blew when the slide-out reached its extremity (out). Is there not a switch that interrupts the circuit when the room is all the way out even though the control may be still depressed by the user? I have heard mention of a "Limit switch." Could a faulty one be the culprit on my 18-year-old coach? It is a 1999 National Tradewinds. I would like to inspect the switch and put a multimeter on it. Does one look on the body of the coach or the movable portion (the slide-out)?
  6. Our 1999 National Tradewinds started blowing the 20 amp fuse when we would hit the button. It will work one time but then blow it the next time. Sometimes when it's bringing in the slideout and sometimes when it's taking it out. Works fine when we change the fuse for one time. What to do?
  7. We have a 1999 Tradewinds and our Dometic frig has never given us any trouble. We have been running it on gas when we traveled and all was fine. We were advised not to travel with the gas on so have been turning it off and leaving the frig closed while enroute. Now, the freezer is cold on the bottom and warm on top and frig completely warm. Have tried both gas and electric to see if the problem was one or the other to no avail. I know there is an answer and I also know that techs will just advise buying a new unit. Not an option. Thanks for any help you can give. Britt
  8. I installed a physical disconnect device on the ground side of our deep cycle camper batteries. The purpose is to avoid over charging at our own lot where we have 50 amp shorepower. When we pull the lever at the battery location to open the circuit, DC power seems to start out okay then gets dim and 12 volt appliances start acting improperly. Where is the problem?
  9. Help! I live in an older coach and whatever it is that keeps the drawers from flying out when traveling has evidently worn out. I can't find anything on the market to fix the problem. Anyone had a similar problem and found a fix?
  10. I am thinking of purchasing a 2005 Toyota Sienna. I read somewhere that you needed a wide body tow dolly to tow this vehicle. Is this true? Will I have problems towing the Toyota Sienna? Also, what is the best braking system to buy with a tow dolly?
  11. We have researched vehicles with the most cargo space that can be towed 4 wheels down and have come up with the Honda Odyssey 2004. What we are learning is that they have had transmission problems. My question is will towing 4 wheels down add to the transmissions wear and tear?
  12. does the odomoter keep registering miles driven on the honda CRV when it is towed?
  13. Wow! How do you determine which cars/trucks would have to be towed backwards? This seems like a very complex situation to find a towable vehicle. Is it the fact that it's a truck that makes you have to tow it backwards???
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