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  1. Thank you both....I got my engine temp back but you make a good point Bill....I should be watching my transmission temp also. Many thanks, Charlie
  2. I took my 2008 Tiffin Phaeton in for service and they changed my Freightliner dash display....it no longer shows engine temperature. How to I get engine temp display back?
  3. My Unlimited Wrangler is 8" higher than my Ready Brake hitch connection. What is the best way to resolve this issue?
  4. I just checked the coach and found the MCD marking on one of the blinds.....many thanks
  5. Thank you so much.....you just saved me a lot of time searching.
  6. Trying to match M/H blinds. I bought the coach used. The former owner had day/night roller blinds installed while staying at Palm Creek Resort in Casa Grande, AZ. Vendor came to the park on a regular basis to sell and install blinds. Can anyone help me find that person?
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