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  1. Would it be possible for FMCA to share the contract with its Members? I'm not attempting to stir up trouble or cast blame, but this is an issue that could be put to bed with the release of the terms and conditions. Having negotiated my fair share of tech-oriented contracts in the past, I would simply like to understand what when wrong and how it can be avoided in the future to benefit existing members. Personally, from the outside looking in, it's my opinion that if this would have simply been offered only to existing members, this program would be alive today. I applaud the FMCA management for attempting to find a solution to affordable hotspot usage. Having a working internet connection is an important factor to many campers as it's a way to enjoy the lifestyle while having the ability to be in contact when needed. Yes, it would be nice if campgrounds upgraded to hotel-like WiFi systems, but as we've learned, having WiFi that works for today's needs is not something that most campgrounds have on a priority list.
  2. This type of mirror is common on busses in Europe and the Middle East. I found it interesting that from the driver's seat, they do provide multiple views at a glance. In areas with narrow streets, the downward facing mirrors allow the driver to see the front bumper to know exactly how much distance remains between the front corners to a curb or another vehicle. Also, it's fun to watch tour bus drivers parallel park these buses!
  3. I saw this mirror on the front end of a Publix truck. At that angle, it seems to provide a view of the front bumper and the blind spots.
  4. There's a good video on YouTube that has a camera attached to the rear of the motorhome that shows how a toad reacts while turning through parking lots. For whatever reason, I can't seem to find it. If anyone has a link, it's a helpful video.
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