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  1. Problem resolved by replacing the relay circuit board. Before replacing I did switch the connectors on the existing Main and Bed circuit board. The Bed slide did extend and retract with Main connector plugged into the Bed connector. The existing wiring harness had very little play even after removing the plactic tie wraps in order to install the new board. The replacement board layout was slightly different then the original and I needed the slack to reconnect the plugs. Got the job done.
  2. Finally got a chance to reverse the wiring at the motor. Motor works in both directions per your instructions. I called RV Custom Products the original ckt board company and purchased both the slide and BBC boards. The spares will give me peace of mind since companies go out of business a lot these days. On my next trip to the MH I'll replace the slide ckt board. I noticed on the new board the relays are not sodered and can be removed. To bad the original board didn't allow for easy removal. If it fixes my problem I'll purchase another slide ckt board to keep as a spare.
  3. I've found a site that is helping me get information on my NRV. Anyone with a National RV should check this site. www.nationalrv-centralstates.org/Maintenance.html
  4. I'd love to but they are sodered to the ckt board. Thanks for the suggestion and helpful tip. After rethinking your suggestion I probably can accomplish the same by swapping the bed connector to the main since they are next to each other on the ckt board. This would be the same as physically moving them.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll reverse the red / black wire at the motor and follow your trouble shooting tips. I park my rig 3 hours from my house and won't be back to see it for 2 weeks. I'll let you know what happens. If I have to replace the motor I found one on line for around $120.00. If it's a relay problem I'll have to find a board since they are sodered in place. I guess I could break out my old sodering gun and just replace the relays if I can find the parts. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Many thanks!
  6. According to the control panel house batteries were fully charged. Even after extending the slide out a short distance manually the slide still wouldn't move but it would retract. You'd think if it can retract it would have enough juice to extend. I'll take all the suggestions I can get. Thanks for making one.
  7. I have a 2002 National RV Dolphin 5342 Class A 2 slides with a Workhorse chassis. The bedroom slideout won't extend. I used the manuel override by unplugging the wiring harness from the 12VDS distribution panel and releasing the brake lever on the motor, and then extended it by hand with a wrench. I am able to retract the unit using the control panel switch. I reversed the Bed/Main switch to see if the switch was bad. The problem didn't go away. I examined all the wiring at the motor and didn't see anything obvious. There are only two wires going into the motor red/black. You can feel the relays on the distribution panel click when the switch is activated at the control panel. I have a motor with p/n 130-1146. Has anyone had a similar problem?
  8. Object fell from medicine cabinet. Previous owner told us but the crack decided to get bigger on its own. I will tackle the job this coming weekend. Project completed. Only issue was the small door opening to get underneath and work on everything.
  9. I have a broken bathroom sink in my National RV Dolphin that needs to be replaced. Any cautions or recommendations?
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