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  1. Looking for recommendations on RV Parks near Freeport and Defuniak Spgs areas. Thanks
  2. We are interested in receiving recommendations and input on RV parks in Wickenburg,AZ. We enjoy parks with a club house that allows guest interaction. Card and board games, etc. Thanks for your input. Tim and Miriam
  3. mtpizza

    Hercules tires

    Does any have any experience with using Hercules tires on their coach? Your input is appreciated.
  4. Looking for any honest reviews/ experiences on winter stays in Holt, Fl area. Interested in activities and guest mix. Thanks Tim and Miriam Barth # f409438
  5. We have a 2014 Enegra Aspire 44B with Aqua Hot LP 400 heating system. The heating unit makes an awful "howling"sound when in operation. We have had techs replace exhaust system which Aqua Hot said should fix the noise. It did not! We had Entegra at the factory check it out and they said they adjusted and fixed the noise, that did not fix it either! Any experience and how to eliminate the noise would be great! Thanks for your input as it is pretty annoying when in a RV park!
  6. Anyone with positive experiences with rv parks in Gulfport, Miss or Gulf Shores Al? My wife likes line dancing so that is a requirement! 100-150 spaces park sized and pads for 45' mh. thanks for your input
  7. Hi again, Can you better explain what "hot spot" you are saying works well? I did not think that Consumer Celluar has a dedicated hot spot but uses the I phone as one to power lap tops, etc. Again, thanks for your reply.
  8. Hey, thanks for your input! I have been in touch with Consumer Cellular and they expressed a bit of concern over using my cell phone as a hot spot. I assume you are using yours to power your computers, etc?? If so, have you noticed any slow down in speed? Consumer Cellular just said using a I phone as a mobile hot spot "uses a bunch of data". In my mind I would think my current Verizon Jet pack which is my present hot spot should not use any more or less GB to retrieve data then if I used my I phone. Since we have ATT&T and Verizon towers in our valley in Mt I would think we would have the same speed, etc as we would have with Cellular as they feed off ATT&T. Did you have much trouble in transferring your old data from previous phone onto the new Cellular phone? Again, thanks for your input. Always good to have a fellow RV'ers input!
  9. Anyone using Consumer Cellular wireless service and if so, what is your experience with it? I have Verizon and think I can save some $ by making a switch to them. Also, any experience with Hot Spots? I also have a Verizon Jet Pack but notice several other options. Thanks for your input.
  10. I am trying to help out a friend with his inverter issues but am stumped! He has a Freedom Combi inverter charger with heart interface.Within a minute of plugging into shore power, one of the 2 AC out breakers on the inverter pops off. The heart interface panel in the coach does not show any power on it either. He has no power to any AC outputs in the coach. We are at a loss as to what the issue is. He had the inverter serviced and the techs installed a new board in the unit but he still has the breaker popping when he plugs in. Any ideas and guidance would be appreciated. Thanks for your replies. Tim
  11. Hi Orman, My wife and I have a 03 Travel Supreme with the Hydro Hot diesel/electric heating system. We seem to be getting more and more fumes from the diesel. We had new filter and burner nozzles replaced by a service tech last winter but still get lots of smoke at start up which lasts for approximately 3 min then goes away until shut off then another puff of blue grey smoke. Neither one of us handles the smell very well and when we are in crowed park I am sure it affects our neighbors! Any input??? We are spending the winter near Parker, Az. Thanks for your input. Tim
  12. We will be coming into Phoenix on I-10 from Tucson and need to stay overnight near Sky Harbor Airport with 2 Class A's. Anyone with info on a easy off/on to a park near I-10 near the airport and a reply would be appreciated. Thanks Tim
  13. My wife and I are looking at the possibility of purchasing an Entegra Aspire MH. Anyone with experience in owning one who would like to share their experiences with that make and wanting to share them would be greatly appreciated. We currently have a 03 Travel Supreme Select and the Entergra appears to be the replacement to the Travel Supreme. Thanks for your replies. Tim
  14. My wife and I have a Travel Supreme Select MH. Our motor for the windshield privacy curtain is getting weak. All I can see is AMSOURCE but can't really find anything on that on the net. If anyone has any help in a source to get a new motor please let me know. Thanks Tim and Miriam
  15. My wife and I are planning a trip south on Hwy 385 to Amarillo, Tx via Rapid City, SD . We drive a 41' Travel Supreme Select pulling a auto on dolly. Just wondering if anyone has made that trip with a big rig and how the road is for such travel. Your reply and input are welcome. Thanks much. Tim and Miriam
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