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About Me

Our family unit centers around the basic premise that a man leaves his parents and cleave to his wife as stated in the second chapter of Genesis. As head of the house I am a firm believer people have the right to believe what they believe. Joshua states in the 24th chapter that people can worship who they wish and do what they want to do but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.


  • Keon ( the dad and biggest kid) 42 y/o
  • Toi (Newest Edition to the Family) For ever 21 y/o
  • Nyere ( the pretty little princess) 24y/o
  • Kyle ( The baby) 13y/o

We are a wonderful Christian family from Baltimore that love to have fun, do things together, and we go out of our way to help people and put smiles on faces. We love to laugh and do things that ordinary folks wouldn't always try or do. We are simple ... well as simple as one can be with all the things we do. 

I decided to get our family a coach because of 2 people in my life that always seemed to be so happy. I wanted to highlight American life as an African American family and see things that most people from the Inner City would not see. WHY NOT DO IT IN A MOTORHOME!!!!!! 

Some may not like that I have said African American in our description but the reality is there are stereotypical things that are associated with being African-American and the things that we do typically are stereotypical of Caucasian or not so African American.


Our goal is to break the stereotypes and prove that there's no such thing as Caucasian activities and there are no such thing as African American activities. We all are unified and one country, and everything that we do are American stereotypes and I'm proud and happy to be an AMERICAN.

Now --- I am a Ham ... KE3HAY
Whether I am in our motor coach or I am in our personal vehicles my station always monitors 146.520 which is the 2 meter national calling frequency. You can always find me on 40 meters typically in the evenings once we get to a campsite if we have the motor coach. Typically I do not get on high-frequency communication while driving the other vehicles and when I'm home you can find me some of everywhere.


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