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  1. Yeah that’s a rumor for sure. They are doing well financially...
  2. Never been towed. The one time I had a problem, I pulled over and fixed it. Hopped back on the road.
  3. Ya know whats next to go ... GPS. Biggest waste of MONEY i ever did
  4. Im here ... when i took a sabbatical there was action on the forum ... awesome laughs and "interesting" conversation. I saw we strike up a scandal and blame it on JLeamont! HOWDY BILL hows it going
  5. Here is what i figure 1. We are young enough to climb under a coach 2. I think we keep enough tools on board to drop a tranny if needed 3. Most things that we would run into we could fix on the side of the road or at a campground - provided we got the toad with us and can get to a parts store 4. IF there was a problem that a tow truck is needed - The $300 it would cost to tow us to the nearest truck stop (That we will call and they be to us in 45 min) is well worth it not to be on the side of the road for 5 hours. If you have one tow every 5 years and you have GS, that's Hundreds of dollars wasted that went in to GS CEO's pocket. Id rather spend my money camping ...
  6. My situation is a little bit different, it is included in my premium and I cannot opt out at all. In that case it was just better for me all the way around to just drop good Sam. The interesting thing is I dropped it long before I knew it my insurance company will cover it so, to that effect I felt that good Sam was that much of a rip off.
  7. So ... camping world tried to tell me they could do it faster and I flat out told them ”I can install with the best of them and this installation done CORRECTLY is a 7 to 8 hour job for one person. 2 people could do it in 3 but there is no way y’all measure faster than someone who can measure” got the dumb look. Pound for pound I like this permanent mounted break as it’s as close to “proportional” as I could get less than a Grand
  8. Your right but what I am not doing is paying for it 2xs.
  9. DUDE Your bus is awesome. Hope we get to be in the same campground one day. I love looking at bus conversions.
  10. Shuuuu dont tell anyone! Especially that JLeamont GUY LOL!
  11. Perfect example of this is Luray KOA in Virginia. The campground website tells you exactly how to come in cause the back road is tighter than spandex on a three hundred pound man.
  12. So, I did it. I ditched my Roadside Assistance and couldn't be happier - THAT DOESNT MEAN THIS IS FOR EVERYONE but for us it works and may for someone else. So after reading ALLLLL of the horror stories about the various companies out there I decided to do some research and figure out how to keep cash in my pockets vs giving to someone who may or may not be there for my and my family. Here is what I came up with: Good Sam was going to cost me $150 a year and If I need a tow once every 5 years that is about $750 for a tow that would general cost be maybe half that for the few miles they will tow me. As long as I have my towed, unless its Transmission or lower block issues I carry enough tools to go as far as ripping a cylinder head off if needed. Tie issues - well if I blow one I got to pay for the tire anyway so there service charge for them coming out to do it isnt worth the 150 bucks a year to Good Sam Here is the real kicker - THe Hartford who graciously insures us even after i sued them, HAD BETTER coverage for Motorhome/RV than Good sam with dedicated departments for us FOR FREE!!! Your heard me its included in the premium. I get Cash for interrupted trip, cash for lodging, rental car, Towing to the nearest qualified repair facility (No matter how far) AND ITS INCLUDED in my premium, So check your insurance companies offerings cause I was paying for something i got for free ANYWAY!
  13. Afternoon to ya .. I have a friend that had a similar issue with is CaT motor from that year on a freightliner Chassis He did find a solution and if I can get Fred on the phone tonight Ill relay what his solution was. Not sure if it will help but at this point information is information.
  14. I turned to the FMCA family in 2016 when i was looking for my Coach because they SPECIALIZED in Coaches and Motor Coaches only! Like Joe who clearly stated they joined to meet people of common interest, I purpose of ME being here was to find people who were interested in the SAME THING i was interested in, a MOTORCOACH where I can pull up to a traffic light, pretend i have an issue, turn my 4 way flashers on, get up, winkie in the head, get back in my drivers seat and pull off as if NOTHING at all Happened! If I wanted to talk about pulling into a rest area, getting out of my Truck, opening the door, turning on the water, WINKIE (unless I already did cause it took too long to find somewhere to stop) and do the reverse to get back in the truck and leave ... I would have joined IVR or one of them other sites for all Rv'ers. I said this in this manor to show you and everyone else that NO, a trailer is not ABSOLUTELY NOT like my coach so the focus no matter how you want to water it down IS NOT on Motorcoaches anymore nor can you say that the magazine will not be "less focused" because i doubt if you will add pages to accommodate as that cost more money! So to recapitulate the original purpose of the post, you want to include a feature that includes new members talking about their life - No OFFENSE, we live the RV life WE, (The Hayes Clan) are not really interested in someone elses because truthfully, the forum covers that already. I would rather have information about the latest innovation in toilets cause I have to buy one next week and that is more beneficial that talking about my life as the friendly neighborhood undertaker that likes to camp in the woods and tell campfire stories ... NOW I SOUND LIKE A CREEP! I want to meet families like I met Joe and his family, over some conversation here, at a campground, and awesome convo over the campfire as we sang rounds of KumBaya! As Joe eloquently stated, I am here to help the new guy. I now have a WHOLE YEAR under my belt and who better to help a newbie than someone who has made his fair share of newbie mistakes, remembers them like yesterday cause thats when most of them happened, and can help someone get through their mistakes, trials and issues. I have one thing to say to this, WELCOME TO THE USA where the little guy is told to speak but never heard or listened too. I thought we declared Independence from England in 1776???? Yet we act more and more like them each and every day! Ken, read my post, THERE IS a difference! Its kinda like the difference between PSK31 and RTTY - both use a sound card but thats where the similarities stop. Their process of operation is TOTALLY different ... yes both are digital modes but they take too different paths to achieve the goal and what we are arguing here is the PATH and Process not the end result. de KE3HAY Who gives them the authority ... I dont know, but I can tell you how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop! 364 according to a group of engineering students from Purdue University. Figured to was easier to answer that question then the one you asked!
  15. I cant be the only Amateur Radio Op that throws an antenna in the air when camping. I try to sneak one in a tree or on the flag pole every chance I get. I even had a 40M dipole up in Disney!!! Anyone of my other fraternal ham brothers and sisters flinging wires in tree when they camp? de KE3HAY
  16. When you compare that to the 150K or even 15K you just spent on a coach ... its Nothing!
  17. What Joe Said is "More the Reason" why you want toad braking. I towed a Saab 2017 miles on a round trip journey to Orlando from Maryland We traveled down 95 with some time on 85 and 26 and I have to be 100% honest, I didnt feel the car back there. I really didnt "Feel" it when I was braking and lets face it, It was 1000lbs less weight behind me then the Jeep that we typically tow. Did I need brakes on the dolly to stop the car and the coach --- NO. Would I have been up (*&^ creek if the car got loose as a goose on the highway - sued beyond your mind. I installed the brake Buddy Stealth system because I dont have air brakes and after looking at the other systems, should the toad become separated from the Coach and the umbilical chord disconnecting automatically hits the breaks. It was a simple break away Supplemental system combo that uses Quasi proportional breaking and it wasnt $2000 bucks. The 800 bucks and the 7 hours of installation was worth the peace of mind.
  18. Speaking from the world of Gas Naturally aspirated engine knowledge - If you are that concerned I would get the alternator to a real genny shop not a Auto Zone or anything like that but someone who specializes in rebuilds of starters and Alternators. They will be able to tell you if the brushes are OK,and verify the diode and Voltage regulator are GOOD then go from there with trouble shooting. This way you are 100 sure you dont have a bad alternator. After that you have all the other options here.
  19. Im kinda confused on this one. Spin as in someone is trying to drive the Truck while attached to the coach? Spin as in you left it in gear ... like if you neutralize the transfer case there is absolutely no way to supply power to the rear wheels for them to "SPIN" on their own. Are you towing it backwards? What kind if tow system do you have? All tires should turn and rotate as you go down the road so this question needs a bit more ................................ clear I guess is the best way to put it.
  20. Typically I always put my legs down when I have my awning out because the stress that it puts on the side wall of the coach can be detrimental as Joe has already pointed out. If you read the documentation that comes with it they do tell you to pull them off the wall. I can typically get my awning back up and out-of-the-way in about six minutes. I’ve been through a few storms with the awning out and if you supported appropriately and put the anti-flat straps on it can usually handle 30 mile an hour winds. Too much more than a regular summer storm like if they’re predicting 50 and 60 mile an hour winds I just won’t pull it out.
  21. Why thank you kind sir! The room was not State Park space, but it wasn't as tight as Disney's Fort Wilderness ... which by the way I wont go back to anytime soon, Even if its Free. There was a bunch of sand but its beach front so ... cant have a beach with out the sand. I just wish the people that were with me learned to take shoes off BEFORE getting in the coach. Unfortunately you cant yell at your mother, and she wouldn't let me yell at the kids, and the DW just ignores me. Go Figure! This is why I spend most of my camping time outside by the fire ...shaking my head cause I subject myself to the rigors of showing my family something different than the concrete jungle of Baltimore! In closing Mr. Manholt, This is why Man invented Beer! AND Masseys has plenty of it everywhere! You don't have to wine and dine a beer but I do the DW --- It comes in multiples of 6, Beer doesn't pout, If you mention a "three-hundred-fifty cubic-inch V8" around a beer, it won't think you're talking about an enormous can of vegetable juice, A beer is always ready to leave on time, Beer doesn't demand equality and MOST IMPORTANTLY a beer DONT CARE if I sit around and watch baseball all day. After all A beer doesn't think baseball is stupid simply because the guys spit. If you have ever met my babies, the Wife, and my mother you'll understand whyI love them AND Beer is my best friend at the campground! And if you ever met my Mother "OUT" Law you'll understand why i am always camping and never available for her to ask me ANYTHING!
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