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  1. So to bring in conclusion to this post, we ended up getting a Discovery with the rooftop air conditioning and two heat pumps as well. I wasn’t afraid of the basement air. I was more afraid of the support. The discovery seems to have an overwhelming amount of support and I think that was more important for me. Andy and she liked the discovery over the sport Coach for space, and both of us liked the discovery over the meridian. Although the meridian drove like a dream, the layout just was not what we were looking for.
  2. You know, funny, you mention it, I asked her about that, and Toi politely told me that she was not Mary Poppins I needed to invest in a table! Nevertheless, it was definitely a good idea, and worth a shot.
  3. Coming from a gas coach I always had a table in the front where I can put stuff on. Now that I have gone to the Darkside, I lost my table. For you diesel guys, what do you put up front for the driver to sit is oversize coffee mug on?
  4. Herman is absolutely correct, you gotta check all of those things first, because putting Sumo’s brings on it and having bad bearings bushings and other things does nothing but waste your money and waste your time. There is no fix for preventative maintenance when it comes to bushings and bearings. Also, while you’re under there, check those king pins and make sure they are good, I would also install centrifugal rings on your front and rear axles, but at minimum your front so
  5. It depends on who you talk to. Me personally, if I have a breakdown, I want somebody coming out to me within 45 minutes to an hour not seven hours later so I prefer not to have roadside assistance and rip out cash on my credit card. Everybody is not in that boat, some people can only afford to pay roadside assistance and then have to wait for them to come out, but that doesn’t necessarily make them wrong. It’s just personal opinion and preference. Is it a waste of money, no, are there other options absolutely!
  6. And 90° weather my rooftops struggle a bit too. Thank you so I just try to keep it at a modest temperature. This is good information. Thank you.
  7. Folks, I’m in a real pickle. I thought my issue was going to be finding a Coach that did not have a lien against it that was gonna be easy to transfer, but my situation has gotten worse. Decided to jump the broom again and she’s a newbie. The coach that I really want I cannot get a floor plan that will work for two people living in it full-time so I kind of have to go off the beaten path and get something that will work full-time until we buy a house in a few years. Because of that I’m having to have an open mind to getting something different than what I’m used to. In my infinite wisdom, I allowed her to pick coaches with me and she picked a Coach that has a basement air conditioning unit. I’ve never owned one before, and I am just curious, are they worth the hype. My major concern is maintenance and cooling ability. From what I understand it’s one unit not to separate ones and the coach is 40 feet long. What say ye?
  8. Ummm .... I probably would fire the guy that had the kahunas to even tell you that. Customer service has gone to the wolves!
  9. Toi and I will be moving into the "new to us" coach as soon as we find one in the next year or so. Anyone got an suggestions on how to share the space with someone else with out throwing each other out a window? Here is our challenges 1. She got too Much Stuff 2. I got my stuff which I wanna keep 3. Storage is expensive but not out of the question 4. What would you buy new and NOT take from the old coach?
  10. HEY JOE!!! Where can I grab one of those tools, Toi and I are in the market again and I will surly need one
  11. I run these lights when i have a car on a dolly. They have a delay which is expected with wireless anything however, they work.
  12. Cant Make Gillette - I am punching the 9-5 Clock for the first time in a LOOOONNNNGGGGGG time trying to get somethings in order.
  13. Ok. I’m going to be due for tires on the coach as well so I’m probably gonna buy all of them at the same time. You’ve given me some options to look at thank you. glad to see your doing well.
  14. I’m curious what year did you have? The only issue I’m having with the car is the tires that came with. It was suggested in one of my farm groups to go to like a Cooper PS3 or something like that or whatever the newest generation is. I’m sort of torn on what I want to do, I got Michelin‘s on my jeep and they ride hard but I definitely don’t wanna put goodyears on it
  15. Howdy folks So I finally got an opportunity to get some camping and away from home. In a prior thread I talked about flat towing a 2019 Kia soul base, manual transmission. I just wanna give a quick update to a couple of questions I had, I finally got some answers and how to make some things work. Steering wheel lock - That was solved easy!!! Turn the car off, leave the Key in the ignition. As long as you don't pull it out, it wont lock the steering wheel. THAT WAS EASY I have electric steering and it didnt wabble or anything, i was affraid i was going to have to leave power to the steering on but that God i didnt have to. Had some extensive conversation with my buddy Joe, and the first thing I realized is I’m gonna have to lower my receiver on the back of the motorhome because the jeep that I’m used to towing sat 6 inches higher than my current car. From what they say, you can have 3 inches up or down on the tow bar in order to be in the safe zone and I was well out of that. So I had to buy a drop hitch which I see a lot of guys are using. I learned that you have to be careful with inclines when you have that but other than that it went relatively smooth. I installed a Demco base plate and that turned out to be more hair raising than anything I’ve ever had to deal with before. The first base plate I got one of the years was off maybe about 5° so none of the holes lined up on one side. The second one I got the bottom holes were drilled a wee bit off-center so I had to drill those out in order to mount this base plate. I bought this car specifically the way I bought it to make sure he did not have any front end damage and to say Demco drop the ball is an understatement however once I got everything bolted up, the bumper cover put back on, the drop receiver Installed, I didn’t even worry about wiring up thAnde light diode’s right away, I’ll get to that sometime next week. I stuck my wireless Mickey Mouse ears on the back and I’ve got to say - remove 2000 pounds worth of weight off the back of your coach makes a difference with the amount of money that goes out of your pocket into the oil production cost of the the United Arab Emirates. This little mama toad so nice I forgot she was back there. Overall, I can honestly say I definitely prefer towing this over the jeep liberty and it’s much nicer to the gas tank then towing my jeep Cherokee. I’m glad I made this choice over the mini Cooper and the Fiat I started to get.
  16. Not sure if this is the right section but here it goes ... I lost my Manual Awning in 19 during a freakish storm. I need to replace it but i am having problems getting the dometic people on the phone. Any suggestions on where I can order the parts. I don't need the a shop cause I'm putting it on myself just the parts.
  17. Yes it has been a while. You guys have been really awesome and I can be transparent, The wife and I split and I’m now a single divorced man living in a 35‘ x 8 1/2‘ box! I’ve been full-time in since the separation but getting on things like the forums and even getting mail with both of our names on it and stuff like that really put me in a bad psychological space. Now that I’m past those emotions and I realize that I can still enjoy my camping life without a permanent life partner Makes it easier for me to do things so I’m back.
  18. I doesnt have any information at all. Not Sure Why but it doesnt ... Herman ... I did what you suggested and your correct, No lock while key in ignition, locks only when Key is removed. Will be tearing bumper off this weekend for base plate install and light set up.
  19. When I change my oil on Friday I will do that. Never crossed my mind to do that. i’m just hoping that I don’t have to leave my key in the on position and disconnect batteries and do all of that craziness. I never had to do that with my jeeps and I did not think I had to do that with this manual transmission car either. It’s almost as if the steering wheel does not lock until I actually pull that key out and it sounds like a locking, almost relay sound. I’ll let you know and post my results
  20. So, I decided to buy a newer car and I bought a 19 Kia Soul. I have a question for anyone who tows one As long as I dont remove the key from the ignition, the steering wheel doesnt "seem" to lock - Is that the typical experience with Hyundai/Kia vehicles? The Jeep i have to leave the key in the unlock 1st position - i just want to make sure I dont end up dragging the hamster box - Id much prefer it to roll.
  21. Yeah that’s a rumor for sure. They are doing well financially...
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