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  1. You must have a Thetford! This started with me two years ago and I did everything to include removing the unit and ordering a repair kit from Thetford though you won't get much sympathy from them. I have researched this and suspect the real cause is the 'green board' behind the toilet which has a replacement cost more than the cost of a new mechanical flusher. It appears that problems don't begin until we've been on the road for a while when the condensation from the cool water in the commode comes in contact with the humid air in the coach. Condensation sets in and fouls the electronics and you end up on your side with a rachet turning the knob in the back until it opens the flapper. From there it works ok for a while and then back you go. If you have the money order a new toilet and have someone install it for you. R Carey 2002 Diplomat
  2. I had six leaks in my 2002 Diplomat which I solved by replacing all fitting with copper fittings. No water leaks since although I have a continuing problem with the compression fitting just under the sink. 2002 Dip
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