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  1. Last month I signed up with the Tech Connect Sprint Hotspot. Knowing that Sprints coverage isn't as good as Verizon was willing to try on our last trip. In New Orleans for a week and never had good service, slow e-mail etc. In Houston and Galveston great service every time I asked for it. In Santa Fe works great. I am returning the Sprint Hotspot and cancelling my account due to the New Orleans experience and now Verizon has a true unlimted program I just signed up for. Just my experience on one trip. Larry Santa Fe, NM 2010 Haulmark Motorcoach 2017 Jeep Cheroke-toad race vintage Formula Fords
  2. I saw this discussion this morning and went to my Verizon store immediately. I have 2 phones with 8Gig currently with Verizon. At the store the young man showed me I could get unlimited on both phones and unlimited MIFI for nearly the price I was paying for 2 phone and 8Gig. The Jetpack was $179, a bit pricey, would have been $99 if I had bought on 2 year purchase contract. Also my Verizon agent assured me I can turn off/on my jetpack service, for months I don't travel. If you call to reactivate you may be threatened with a $10 reactivation fee but assured if I went to the store it would be free to reactivate. I would recommend a trip to your Verizon store. Guess I should visit them more often. Larry 2010 Haulmark Motorcoach 2017Jeep Cherokee-toad racing vintage Formula Ford race cars
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