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  1. I tried to signp for Rescue Plan and all I got was a OBC errors so I signed up with Coach Net. W.hen we had our Class A we remained member for assit since family members never drove a Class A but now with the Class C I'm saying goodby to FMCA.
  2. I don't understand why anyone would pick the TSC card over the TSD card. I guess some don't do thier research and end up on the short end of stick. My Michlelin discount from FMCA save me 800.00 but the dealer laughed and said I will honor that or I give 1400.00 without hte program. I though long and hard and decided the FMCA Tire Discount was not for me LOL My last year with FMCA after issues with the Road Side Assistance.
  3. I just got an error code with my Watch Dog about two months ago that said my surge protection was used up and it was about 3 years old. I pulled out my trusty screw driver and my extra surge protection board and replace it and was back on line in about 30 minutes. Then I order another 35.00 board from Amazon. In other words, eventually, your surge protector will absorb so many surges that it stops functioning as a surge protector and starts functioning as a dumb power strip that'll let everything through to your devices. (For safety, some surge protectors may disable themselves at this point and stop even functioning as power strips.) Their Lifespans Are Measured in Joules Surge protectors are rated in joules, and this tells you how much protection they're designed to provide. For example, you might get a 1000 joule surge protector. This is a measure of, roughly, the total amount of energy a surge protector can absorb before the protection wears out and it stops absorbing any extra voltage. Every power surge your surge protector absorbs decreases the amount of future joules it absorbs. if that 1000 joule surge protector takes a 1000 joule hit, it's done for. But it's also done for if it takes ten 100 joule hits -- or if it takes a thousand one joule hits. It's all cumulative.
  4. It is their luck of draw I guess. I also had a 2017 and towed problably 5000 miles and never had a problem but in the same day it did it twice within couple hours. The month later it did it and the guy behind pulled over and said that was shifting side to side and lifting the wheels off the ground. I brough it to Jeep and they found cracks in radiator shroud and suspect possible frame damage and they called Jeep and Jeep said to stopping towing it 4 down and tow with all wheels off the ground. They noted that in the maintenance records of my Jeep. I stop towing it.
  5. The 2023 has the Anti Wobble Harness built in so no you won't get the wobble. The bad news is it has host of other problems towing too many to discuss here. I would head over the IRv2 and there is a thread on there with hundreds of messages about the problems towing the 2022 and 2023 Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee L. I had a 2017 and had the wobble and now have a 2022 that the wobble has been fixed and after reading the thread on IRV2 I will not even set mine up to tow just not worth the hassle. I picked up a Jeep Wrangler for towing. Here is the thread on IRV2 with 350+ comments and does say the "L" but the NON "L" is having the same problems. https://www.irv2.com/forums/f85/new-grand-cherokee-l-flat-tow-547326.html
  6. And you probably never will since the death wobble didn't show up till the 2016 model year when the switch to the electric steering.
  7. Instead of going though FMCA I went down to AT&T and signed up for the business plan for $65 that's capped at 25MB and they setup it up to work in my Pepwave Balance 20X with CAT 7 modem. I don't know which Pepwave you have but if it has a Cat 7 or 12 modem you better putting in the router. I spent about 20 minutes AT&T and done and out the door.
  8. I had the Blue Ox on my 2017 Jeep Wrangler and used Blue Ox wiring kit. After hooking up I would do a light check doing brakes, left signal, and right signal and called it good. I was told by gentleman at the campground that I should check turn signal on and step on the brakes and sure enough the blinker quite blinking when you step on the brakes. I figured something was wired incorrectly so I called Blue Ox and the tech said that's known problem and ask me "How Often Do You Step On the Brakes With The Blinker On". I said all the time and he said I was the only one that does. Roadmaster made a kit called the Blue Ox Fix and that fix the problem. When I bought my Jeep part of the sale was free install of the lighting kit by the Jeep dealer and he used one with the diodes on my 2020 Jeep with LED light option. He stated it didn't void the warranty. Yep, I can put the brakes on and blinker keeps blinking. If I remember correctly Jeep makes a harness that plug and play for the Wrangler but the cost is quite high.
  9. I do agree that the guide and even the Mfg's manual is a crap shoot. I purchased a 2017 Grand Cherokee Limited after checking the guides and the Mfg's manual said it was 4 down towable. I had three cases of the death wobble and twice in the same day with lesss than 7,000 miles on the GC. Call Jeep Cares to looking for a solutions and they said "Don't Tow 4 Down and only tow with all 4 wheels off the ground" not only they told me they also put in the records under the VIN number of my GC. They also sent me a letter stating the same thing. The dealer ship said is was a CYA incase I ever got in accident.
  10. You need to write webpages to support all browsers. I was ISP and developed many websites between 1996 and 2002 and used a program called Dreamweaver that had function to test you code against all browsers and did a great job of find incompatibles between browsers. If anyone is writing html code for commercial site I surely won't follow the DoD example. LOL It does seem that an upgraded version of Safari was the problem. I pulled out an older MAC Book it run fine.
  11. Tried to update my Membership and this is the error I got. "SQLSTATE[HYT00] SQLDriverConnect: 0 [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 18 for SQL Server]Login timeout expired". I got this on the last page after submitting my Credit Card info and I received a Email from my credit card company that my card was charged. FMCA website next to login says "RENEW" and still says I expire in Feb 2023. I call in the morning and get sorted out. The first problem I believe it is a Safari problem since now I have tried two different browsers and they both worked fine include using Chrome to renew.
  12. Just found that the Towing page does the same thing. It displays the top half but not the bottom half and if you let sit long enough it gives a Java script error. I switched to Chrome and runs fine. I'm looking for the date that our FMCA Towing expires and can't find it. Anyone know where to look?
  13. Do you have the same version that I posted above. My Mac updated last night.
  14. I just spent 15 minutes trying to find the price of Towing Assistance and the page just showed the top graphic and all the information under that did not display. Im Using Safari Version 16.2 (18614. and there is other pages that don't display correctly or are incomplete. I switched to a different browser and all pages displayed correctly.
  15. First I thought the TCS card had been discontinued? You saved "Thousands" on tires? I have heard in the hundreds but not in the "Thousands" of dollars.
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