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  1. I guess anyone that depends on connectivity for their job and uses FMCA Sprint Connection will just have to wait till next year for tech support.
  2. But I have been assured that better than was.... Does that make feel better. LOL FMCA has problem and the management needs to grab the bull by the horns and get fixed.
  3. Now that is funny. With threads of people not getting call backs nor responds to E-Mails sent saying that is "very good" support. I ran and owned a large ISP business and support was everything. If customers can't get online they not likely to stay around very long. I still say this is management problem and the managers need to manage. Let''s tell that guy that has sent several emails, phone calls and webforms and had not heard back that don't worry the tech support is better now than it was. LOL
  4. Sounds like staffing issues to me and that's management problem. So what you saying is FMCA IT department is just too busy to call back customers and you are defending that position. That doesn't give the customer that warm fuzzy feeling that company really doesn't cares enough to provide tech support.
  5. Seems like every forum I have been on recently has had a thread on how poor the IT Department tech support is with unanswered emails and phone lines going unanswered. I was talking with a gentleman and he ask who I use for Towing Assistance and I said FMCA. He said he mark them off the list because of tech support issues with the Sprint Connection that he had read about and didn't want to deal with a organization with poor tech support. I think the management needs to start managing and fix the problem with the IT department because it will affect all areas in the FMCA organization. Just my two cents..... I have owned several business that has a support element and I always wanted to know what my customers were thinking and how they were treated. I have let more than one employee go for customer interactions that didn't meet my requirements.
  6. Seems like every forum I'm on recently has a thread on how bad the tech support is for the Sprint Connection/T-Mobile and how people have made numerous calls without return calls and emails going unanswered. This reflects bad on IT department but also on the entire FMCA organization. I think the management needs to mange and get IT department and FMCA on better path. Just my two cents........
  7. I purchased a battery power washer that come with hose you can put in bucket and draw water. Just the rinse can be done with 4 gallons of distilled water that we purchase for 99 cents a gallon. Lot cheaper than couple hundred bucks it cost to replace filters in a deionizer system.
  8. The Aspen as a WIFI WAN is still degrades the M2000. I turn off all the features that I purchased the Aspen for and still the Aspen only runs about 20 to 30 on speed test and 160 when on the M2000. I have the Beta software on the Aspen and the newest software on the Core. I have not got the new non beta software for the Aspen but before it goes in the trash I will give the final release a shot. I have reset the Aspen to factory defaults several times but doesn't seem to help.
  9. I have a WIFI Ranger Aspen with Cat 6 modem and I put the FMCA Sprint SIM in and cut the Speed Test to less than 7. I borrowed a Pepwave with two Sim Slots with Cat 4 modems and acted the same as in the Aspen with speed test of less than 7. I put the FMCA Sprint SIM back in to the INSEEGO m2000 and I got speeds of over 160 and at times over 200. Either of the Aspen or the Pepwave were 5g capable and M2000 is showing a 5g connection. I also read on Pepwave forums that the FMCA Sprint SIM doesn't play well unless it is in the device it was shipped with. Tomorrow I will be try a Peplink Surf SOHO MK3 Router. It doesn't have any modems but I going to try to connect via USB, Ethernet Wan, and WAN over WIFI. We will see if I can get the performance out this that I need. So FAR the best preference has been with a WIFI Ranger CORE router that over 5 years old LOL.
  10. I tried to set M2000 to10,000 and errored out so I had to settle for 9,999. LOL
  11. Is it possible to get. a tracking number? I order on Friday and suspect it won't ship out till Monday and it would be nice to know which day I need to stay home to sign for it.
  12. I had to call in and the lady at membership had to create an invoice for me to pay online. I guess you have to justify you job some how.
  13. Here I thought the thing that the camp grounds provides with grates was to hang you sewer hose on to let dry before putting it away. Just kidding but seen it several times the last time the guy hung on the grill on my site. I know the grill hot and kills all the germs but just the idea of it. I GREAT grill for those of you that have lots payload and strong back is the Little Green Egg. They are expensive but they do use charcoal and are top notch grill. I had for while but the weight got to me after back surgery. Now what have - Black Stone - Webber - Dave Crocket Smoker. The ones I use the most are the Black Stone and Dave Crocket Smoker.
  14. I was going to sign up for the Sprint Hot Spot but I have less than year left on my current membership. I hit the renew button and seems that you can't renew your membership if not due for renewal. I ht the Tech Connect link at the bottom in red states if you need to renew call membership phone number. Come on - you sign up for FMCA online so why can't you extend your membership online?
  15. In our sticks and bricks we used 600 to 800GB per month and that is not a estimate but from usage chart provided by COX. In Dec I download some movies for trip down south and we got overare warning at 1.2TB
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