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  1. We had towing though our insurance company and we called for assistance when we had our 5er. I told the lady that we in our truck and fifth wheel and said ok she would send someone out. When she called back she ask what kind of truck we had since it has 5 wheels (truck + fifth Wheel = 5) I had to explain that is was a camper that is pulled behind my truck not 5 tires on the truck. Some of these companies don't deal with RV and don't have a clue what services you need or even if they can provide those service.
  2. I take it you don't believe if you break a bone they won't send a small jet out to pick you up and bring you home like their example on the website? That is what FMCA would like to you to believe.
  3. Guess I was wrong. On the link provided above uses a example of breaking a bone and FMCA Assist will fly both husband and wife home on small jet at no cost. I thought there was changes but guess not. https://www.fmca.com/pdfs/FMCAssist Success Stories.pdf
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the benefits change recently on the assist about providing free ride home.
  5. FMCA may fall to the wayside like other organizations of the past. The local square dance club 25 years had hard time finding a space large enough to hold is dance and had over 300 members. Now the club has about 25 members and hold the dances in double car garage and only about 10 couples show up. Maybe FMCA on the same path.
  6. cwswine

    Testing your TPMS?

    We sure love our new Tire Minder that replace the TST we had.
  7. If you have Medicare Part A they will move you to a hospital that care for you. Our local hospital doesn’t have the staff to for care of heart patients. They stabilize and move them to facility about 60 miles away for longer term care at no cost under Part A of Medicare. To use it you have to coordinate with Assist folks and I don’t want them to take the time, just go thru regular channels they use everyday. I keep hearing about our members want events. If that was true they would get more 2 or 3 percent attending. With 79,000 members and only 2,000 showing up for rally like Tucson is less than 3 percent of the membership. I think you find that attendees attend several rallies during the year and make up the majority of the attendees. The local FMCA chapters seem to do much better job of attracting attendees. FMCA issued couple thousand certificates to people that was at Tucson and think if thousand show up next year at Perry rally they won’t have the funds to put a decent rally. Just kinda prolonging the pain. The only benefit we used in 4 years is had tire change on our toad so I going to have to evaluate my membership next year.
  8. What is FMCA do when 1,000 to 1,500 people show up at Perry with Certificate in hand? There won't be the cash flow to put on the rally or they will have to limit the number of people that can use certificates.
  9. Here is a 40 dollar unlimited plan that can be as cheap as 20 bucks and is unlimited. http://www.irv2.com/forums/f53/40-month-unlimited-internet-interested-442091.html
  10. We had a free coach net from the manufacture and picked up a nail in our truck not towing and coach net said they would NOT cover if since we are NOT attached to the RV. We also had FMCA and they said no problem and dispatched a tow truck to change the tire. We were in truck stop when we call and FMCA said it would be 40 minutes to hour before they could get some there. We order lunch and just sat down to eat when the tow truck pulled in. So my only complaint is they got there to fast. GRIN
  11. I was going though brakes on the toad and found that every time the engine brake came on the motor home tail lights would come on the it would apply brakes in the toad. Going down even a small hill on the highway the toad brakes would apply when the engine brake kicked in.
  12. WE have the Blue Ox Patriot 3 Braking System and it has been in 4 different toads and currently have two toads we can tow 4 down depend on what we going to do on the trip. I like it because I can set it not to apply the brakes on the toad when the engine brake comes on or light braking. No sense having the. toad brakes trying to slow slow down the coach.
  13. Even if the OP has left sometimes good to add in information in case someone searches and finds the thread. Half the time I get my answers searching.
  14. What I would do is weight the coach ready to camp with everyone in it. Then I would take that number and subtract it from the Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) to determind the max weight. A friend found that he could only tow about 3500 pounds without exceeding GCWR.
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