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  1. You need to write webpages to support all browsers. I was ISP and developed many websites between 1996 and 2002 and used a program called Dreamweaver that had function to test you code against all browsers and did a great job of find incompatibles between browsers. If anyone is writing html code for commercial site I surely won't follow the DoD example. LOL It does seem that an upgraded version of Safari was the problem. I pulled out an older MAC Book it run fine.
  2. Tried to update my Membership and this is the error I got. "SQLSTATE[HYT00] SQLDriverConnect: 0 [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 18 for SQL Server]Login timeout expired". I got this on the last page after submitting my Credit Card info and I received a Email from my credit card company that my card was charged. FMCA website next to login says "RENEW" and still says I expire in Feb 2023. I call in the morning and get sorted out. The first problem I believe it is a Safari problem since now I have tried two different browsers and they both worked fine include using Chrome to renew.
  3. Just found that the Towing page does the same thing. It displays the top half but not the bottom half and if you let sit long enough it gives a Java script error. I switched to Chrome and runs fine. I'm looking for the date that our FMCA Towing expires and can't find it. Anyone know where to look?
  4. Do you have the same version that I posted above. My Mac updated last night.
  5. I just spent 15 minutes trying to find the price of Towing Assistance and the page just showed the top graphic and all the information under that did not display. Im Using Safari Version 16.2 (18614. and there is other pages that don't display correctly or are incomplete. I switched to a different browser and all pages displayed correctly.
  6. First I thought the TCS card had been discontinued? You saved "Thousands" on tires? I have heard in the hundreds but not in the "Thousands" of dollars.
  7. Yes sir, we also own a 2022 GC Summit after owning a 2017 GC Limited with all the wobble problems. My wife loves Grand Cherokees so that is her car and we won't be setting it for towing since all the problems towing 2017 and wobble. We had 2020 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon we tow and never had problem with it.
  8. I have read that the T-Mobile M2000 is not compatible with AT&T service. You can get one from FMCA but low end hotstpot or you can buy your own. If you do buy one make sure you have the correct size SIM and you have to give the IMEI number off the hotspot to FMCA.
  9. We had our Tire Minder for three years and had a sensor would only read 10PSI when the tire had 120 PSI and replaced it with one of our extra sensors. Call Tire Minder to order my free batteries and mentioned the sensors went bad and when I received my batteries and o-rings to my surprise there was a new sensors in the package with the free batteries and o-rings.
  10. I think you referencing the old Sprint/T-Mobile plan and not the New AT&T plan. I talk to them at the Lincoln Nebraska rally last week and that's one of the questions asked was can it be used in Pepwave BR1and I need the Nano sim and he said it wasn't a problem. I would need to get him my IMEI off my Pepwave and he said they overnight the SIM to me. If you haven't heard from them I would try to contact them.
  11. Rossboyer Thanks for the reply I just didn't dig deep enough on the website. I found the list of venders and thanks for the tips on attending.
  12. Guess I will answer my own question. I keep digging and found what I was looking for.
  13. We live within couple hours drive of the Nebraska show and thought about driving up and going to show as walk in. I can not find any information of the Rally on the FMCA website. Things like vendors, RV show and etc. Doesn't FMCA post anything about there shows other than the place and date? If there is more info on the website can some link to it? I sure can't find it.
  14. I'm courteous why you have problems with Pepwave and Data Sim. I know people are having to do some magic to get those 20 dollar unlimited iPad Sams to work sometimes but a AT&T data plan should come up running. I have the new Pepwave BR1 5G and have put my Calyx T-Mobile, My Verizon Unlimited data sim and even my 20.00 iPad AT&T time and they all worked without changing settings. Yes, I know the AT&T and the Calyx sim moving is against the terms of service but I just see if they would work, I have my Verizon Unlimited Sim in the Pepwave. I know the Pepwave is pricey but I have spent more money trying to find something cheaper that works as well as the Pepwave. I got some help from the guys on https://rvforums.com and several are longtime uses of Popwave.
  15. I believe that the AT&T plan is from Tech Connect and AT&T can't/won't help with it. You need to call FMCA Tech Tech and they will need information about your router/hotspot. The good news is most other plans say in the TOS that you must use it the device provided but I have read the AT&T card can be moved to a different device.
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