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  1. You might try using a air gun if you could get close to it. It being light you might be able to blow it out . Coat hanger with gum on the end magnet with a screwdriver blade. Just some suggestions. Hope it will work. Good luck
  2. Tim It seems that I had lost power and checked everything. I found a reset button on the inverter was tripped. You might find the resets on the inverter and check there was two on the side of mine. Also I would check all gfi circuits as some outlets are wired from another location. Hope this helps. Steve Mosher 09 Camelot
  3. I would also check the lights above the windshield and the other lights above the driver side window it is possible a leak could occur in that area. I would check the light where it attaches and also the lens cover. Hope you can find it it is no fun wading in water in the winter. Steve Mosher 2009 Camelot Monaco
  4. I have the same problem. Cummins read the codes as to much blow-by. They put valve seals on it the first time. The second time they re-ringed it put a new head on it. Still didn't fix it. They now think that it is the turbo. The problems could be major or the could be as simple as fluid levels. Did you check the coolant, hydraulic, trans, hope that it is a simple as the pros can't seem to fix mine they have had it for three weeks now. Cummins can tell you what the codes says that it is if you can't find the problem. Mine is a new one with less than fifteen thousand miles. 2009 Camelot Monaco 425 ISL good luck Steve Mosher 2009 Camelot Monaco HHR toad
  5. 2009 Monaco Camelot 425 ISL Check Engine Light I was lookling at this topic as I have a 2009 425 ISL engine as the one that made the comment about their 2009 425 ISL. I didn't understand the comment as to what the generator had to do with the check engine light comming on. My check engine light comes on and will reset when the ignition is turned off and back on. I took this to cummins at 14,000 miles as I had been on a trip to Alaska and was not in town to see my local dealer. Last time at 14,000 they told me that there was a recall on the exhaust valves that they needed to put new seals on the valves. This they did and I put another 2,000 miles on it and the light came on at least six times. The engine has 16,000 miles on it. This is what they found the second time. The aircleaner cartridge was broken and there was dust all the way to the turbo. That I had dusted the engine. The change or service indicator was also broke or stuck as to show good. There is no question in my mind that I had not been in a dusty cond't that would ruin an engine . I did go to Alaska and there were some roads that had gravel and there was some dust but most of the trip was rainy and I cannot believe that I would had ruind an engine. They have checked the blow-by it was the same as when they returned it to me at 14,000 miles. They are putting a new head on it and re ringing it. They said that they would warranty it and would cost me the consumables. I'm assuming oil change, filters, etc. The service manager told me that this was not the first 425 that they had to do this to. There were three or four others. He also stated that the sleeves were harder, and that was the reason that they were having blow-by problems. I would guess that the rings were not seating in properly, only a guess. He also stated that Cummins would not take care of the ring problem but they would not charge me for that. Has anybody had this problem also and what was the corrective action. When the check engine light comes on it also seems that the engine does not have the same power.
  6. T J I might be able to answer your TV question. I put a HD receiver in my coach and it wouldn't work because the sat was not HD I had a receiver that was a regular receiver and got it to work. I don't know why it didn't work, but is your sat HD and is your receiver HD. Mine is also a Direct TV system. Also don't know what brand your backup camera is. I had a little problem-- mine would be working good then it would go off after a little while. You could look in your manual how to set it or it could be broke. I sent mine in under warranty and it was fixed. Hope this helps. I would think that if you don't have a manual that you could download one. I have a 2009 Monaco Camelot. Steve Mosher
  7. I had a neighbor that his manual said that it would not work in high altitude. His started beeping when he had to park without shorepower. His started to beep and he couldn't keep it lit, the LPgas part. When hooked up to power it worked great. Steve Mosher
  8. We have an HHR and have pulled it from Oklahoma to Gulfport Ms and back. We have had no trouble at all. There is a fuse to pull or you will run the battery down as you have to turn the ignition switch so the steering wheel will turn. It so states in your manual which fuse to pull. The fuse panel is on the front passenger side just below the middle on the left side . I took the fuse out and put a breaker in so I dont have to pull the panel out and find the fuse. I couldn't find a standard type breaker but I had one out of some extra aircraft breakers. If you dont have a manual I can look in mine and tell you. Just let me know. I will be leaving tomorrow pulling it heading toward Alaska. Steve Mosher
  9. I would like to know how the road to Alaska mostly the gravel road Alcan road. I understand that it is all gravel and that the oncomming trucks throw gravel and rocks. If that is the case how really bad is it, I have plastic protection film on the front, and also I have heard about rocks breaking the windshield. I know this can happen anywhere but what are the chances up there. I am planning a trip the middle of June and will take my time going up there. Any advise would be appreciated . Steve
  10. Well the mystery is over. I looked further and the bay next to it had a access plate to the bay that was in question. I described the tank and a valve to which the tank was hooked to. It is the winterization tank. It is a little work but you can get to it from the bay next to it to service it. This year I didn't winterize it I left the aqua hot heat the bay. It got down to below zero a couple of times and it worked fine. The coach is in a building, not heated but it didn't freeze up. Next year I will winterize it and not worry about it. Thanks for the advice its always good to find out all you can about your coach. Steve
  11. Here is a picture of the mysterious tank.
  12. Brett I cannot reach the tank without dissasembling the front of the service center. I dont know why they they would put that tank in that position that you can't touch it or even fill it. This afternoon I will try to look at it more closely. I had taken the Electric heater out to check why it wasn't working which exposed this tank. I can't get to it from the other side because the propane tank is in the way which has a partition in back of it. Everything seems to work just wanted to know what the function of this tank did. Steve
  13. No it is a clear plastic rectangular tank. And I can relate to the I can fix it so no one can fix it. I try anymore to minimize the damage that I do to myself.
  14. I have a 2009 42-foot Monaco Camelot with the Aqua-Hot heating system. In my water bay service center, with all of the gray and black water, etc., I have an electric heater that works around 40 degrees and also an aqua bay heater. Just to the left of the electric heater is a small holding tank. It has a hose that goes to it and I don't know what that tank does. It looks like it is empty. The hose that goes into or out of it doesn't look like the same type that goes to the Aqua-Hot heaters. I was just wanting to know if anybody would know what it did. It looks almost impossible to get to to fill, as it has a filler cap on it. There is not enough room in there to see where the hose goes to or from. The tank mesurments are approx. 10"x8"x5" high, and it is clear in color.The chassis is a Roadmaster. I hope this is enough info. I sure enjoy reading all of the posts. They give a lot of great info.
  15. Smosher

    Air Compressor

    I bought one from Newell Coach several years ago. This was very expensive I believe they charged me $285. It doubles the pressure that is avaialable. There ought to be one cheaper as Newell is expensive on everything that they sell. Steve Mosher
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